Working as a prostitute or offering any type of erotic service to the clients is illegal across the world and anyone found involved in any such activity is condemned as a criminal and put behind the bars. But, the situation is not the same in the Nevada State of United States of America, here the counties where the population is under 7, 00,000 profession of prostitution is legal and people can enjoy the fun of various erotic activities which are banned across the world.

Interestingly, going through this practice the brothels located in these counties are visited by the thousands of visitors every year just for fun. Going through this practice there are lots of services offered to the visitors that provides them the privilege of enjoying the services which are restricted in their countries but offered legally in these counties. Well, this sounds something unrealistic and not less than a joke but this is true and can be witnessed only by visiting these counties.

Here it would be important to note that legalization of prostitution doesn’t mean that anyone can start working as a prostitute or start offering sexual services to their clients. There are certain laws and regulations that control the execution of legal sex work in Nevada, these rules and regulations are strictly followed by everyone involved in this industry. But still, there are some myths due to which people think that visitors inside the brothel houses are cheated. Similarly, there are lots of people who feel that legalization of prostitution means freedom to do anything inside the brothel houses and therefore they can demand any type of unusual services from the sex workers.

Interestingly, both these perceptions are wrong, and there are strict laws determined for the brothel houses. On the contrary, the profession of prostitution is illegal in the counties where the population is above 7,00,000.

Going through this let us have a look towards the etiquettes that should be kept by the visitors while visiting the brothel in the Elko county of the Nevada State:

Visiting Brothel is not allowing your animal to come out: Although prostitution is legal inside the registered brothels, it does not means that you should start dominating the sex workers and force them to work according to your wishes. Every brothel has a certain set of rules which are expected to be followed by both the visitors and its employees equally. Visiting brothel do not mean that you immediately start doing the sex with the courtesan or ask her to open the clothes as soon as both of you enter inside the room. Instead of that, it would be better to spend some time with her in a friendly atmosphere, always remember that she is a woman and you are stranger for her. Although she is courtesan by profession still she needs some time to get familiar with her client. Therefore, instead of talking about sex it is better to talk about her family, her hobbies, education, etc. In short, try to make her feel comfortable with you.

Do not try to touch the lap or pole dancers: If you are visiting the brothel house just for the fun to enjoy its environment then do only that. It is seen that there are lots of clients who try to touch or get closer to the dancers. This ethically is wrong, moreover doing this can make you the center of getting insulted in front of others. Becuase, it is the responsibility of the operators of the brothel houses to provide complete security to their workers and therefore, if you try to cross your limits with the dancers, you might be thrown out of the brothel house by the bodyguards working there.

Carry a packet of condom with you: Although, it is the responsibility of the brothel house to provide necessary precautions like condoms and others to the courtesans, to protect them from any type of sexually transmitted diseases. But, still being a gentle person it is better to carry a packed of condom with you as a precaution.

Do not force the courtesans: Moving ahead, it is seen that there are some clients who force the sex workers to offer extra services, besides the services hired by them or ask them to continue their services beyond the determined timing. Adopting such practices is wrong and doing such things develops your wrong impression on the workers and you might not be given preference during your next visit.

Paying tip to the courtesan: However, you have paid the necessary charges to the owner for hiring the services of a particular courtesan, but still paying some courtesy tip to the courtesan will not only help her financially, at the same it will develop a respect for you in front of her.

Keeping these factors in concern will help you in enjoying the services offered by you to their full extent but also help you in developing your good image among the sex-workers.

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In fact, according to the reports, the sex workers are the largest taxpayers in the United States of America and these workers equally participate in the campaigns that are organized for the social causes and donate thousands of dollars in charity with an open hand. In short, it can be said that Legal Sex Work In Nevada does not mean the freedom to enjoy according to your wishes without any restrictions.