For normal people, doing more exercise can let you own a healthy and strong body. Lack of exercises may be a reason why you are bothered by the prostatitis for years. You need to do more exercise all the time, but don't do exercise blindly. According to the doctor's advice, there are five suitable exercises for patients with prostatitis.

1. Yoga

As a new fashion of exercise, yoga has a very good therapeutic effect on prostate related diseases, which can alleviate the prostatitis caused by mental stress. Doing yoga can be a good way to relax your whole body.

2. Tai chi

Westerners prefer yoga, while easterners prefer tai chi. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi has the functions of strengthening muscles and bones as well as resisting diseases. It is also a good way to eliminate the stimulation of mental pressure on human body.

3. Swimming

If you are good at swimming, don’t hesitate to do it when suffering from prostatitis. Patients with chronic prostatitis can relax the muscles around the prostate gland while swimming. Regular abdominal muscle movements can promote the blood circulation and lymph circulation in the whole body, which is helpful to improve the prostate gland.

4. Walking

Maybe you think walking isn’t a kind of exercises, but it does help you. Walking can make the hip pelvis regularly pull up, so that the prostate and its surrounding organs can be pulled up at the same time, which can help to accelerate blood circulation in the prostate gland. It’s suggested to walk 3km for half an hour each day.

5. Jogging

Doctors point out that jogging is the best choice for patients, which is simple and beneficial. When you are jogging, pelvic floor muscles can get relaxed and blood circulation in the prostate gland can be improved as well.

Doing exercise is suitable for patients with prostatitis, but it’s not enough. To completely get rid of prostatitis, medication should be emphasized as well. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is always recommended. Besides, some living habits should be kept in daily life, such as avoiding drinking and smoking, urinating in time and drinking more water, avoiding indulging in sexual behaviors and eating more healthy food.

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