Renee L Richardson, M.Ed.

Do Not Make Deals with the Devil: He is Deaf

As we have been told since forever, the “Devil” as you know him has the following characteristics: A liar, cunning, a tempter, deceitful, totally evil, a thief, an adversary, wicked, cowardly, a murderer, lacking in principles, rebellious, fierce, cruel, of discord, destructive and proud of it. Do these characteristics fit the description of someone or some people of whom you have come into contact? Well, the above characteristics fit the description of the men of whom I have dealt intimately.
The Narcissist, the borderline, the passive aggressive, the men in my life at some point exempted all of the above characteristics. You are probably thinking well, she isn’t dead so they were not murderers. Wrong, they were murderers; they managed to kill every part of my self-esteem, self-worth and self-identity. No matter how I bargained, pleaded, gave in, and sobbed all to no avail when attempting to make a deal with the “devil”.

There was one in particular who smiled whenever I cried or was hurting. He would stare at me in enjoyment whenever I showed any sense of pain for any reason. I can recall asking him “Do you love it when you hurt me”. Instead of answering he just grinned with pleasure. At first, I thought that I could be imaging his perverse satisfaction with my agony but nope, I was afforded the opportunity to hear him profess his love for my pain with his very on two lips. One day while we were arguing, well I was arguing my case that of which could’ve never been successful with “devil”, I looked it straight into its eyes and stated: “I know what you are trying to do but it will never work, I am way too smart for you” Oh my goodness, you will not believe what happened next. This man beast looked me straight into my eyes and his eyes were scary and he replied, “I have already accomplished my goal, my work here is done”.

When I looked at the glorified look upon his disgusting face, I knew right there that I was not at all dealing with someone with good intent for me, remorse for wrongful deeds, instead I was in love with a coward, a thief, a liar, a fierce and cruel inhumane being who was proud of the destruction of which he implemented into my life. This man was not in the least apologetic for what he was doing to me, to our relationship, to those around him; he was completely cold in regard to me or anyone else; the only thing of importance to him was to carry out his mission of seek and destroy. As he walked out of my life, I felt lost, I sobbed uncontrollably, I felt empty- Why did I feel this way? It should have felt liberating to rid myself of such destruction right? Wrong. The “devil’s mission is to seek and destroy and God’s mission is to rescue and forgive. God is misinterpreted as the All forgiving. The All trusting, the All loving but the message of which we are overlooking is that of Self-Preservation.

God does not convict you to serve, the Word is provided and the word is free of forcefulness; either you take it or you do not but God does draw the line when it is judgment day. Place yourself above All- Preserve yourself is NOT an act of passivity- Do not allow yourself to be fooled any further- read all with a critical lens: Doctrine and individuals included. Do Not make deals with the “devil’s characteristics nor with the ideologies concerning the perceptions of what God says is Godly. What kind of a God would justify such? God has given you intellect and spirituality, reconnect and use it, such is the most powerful tool of life- Hotep-

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