When it comes to selecting the wedding bands, it can be way trickier than choosing the engagement ring because now you will have to choose two totally different wedding bands, matching wedding bands or complementary bands; the decision only gets tougher. But the million-dollar question, every bride and groom face is weather to match the bands or not to match them at all.

Well, the answer lies with you both. Wedding bands are one piece of jewelry that both of you will be wearing to commemorate your blissful day. So, selecting them as per your style and personality is important. Following a traditional route or proceeding with the untraditional way is in your hand.

But If You Choose To Match Your Wedding Bands, Keep These Tips In Mind:

1- Choose The Right Metal:

The right metal will not only showcase your personality but will also compliment your skin tone and style. Even though gold wedding rings are considered traditional, there are many options to choose from, like platinum, silver, or steel. For men, there are cobalt, titanium, and tungsten. Either way, if the design and style gets crafted correctly, then any metals can look good on both bride and groom.

2- Select the Color:

Gold is known to have top colors, like yellow, white, green, or rose. Even contemporary metal like titanium has multiple colors ranging from black, grey to silver. So, you can both settle on a color that features both the masculine and feminine sides.

3- Decide About The Finish:

Either you love the smooth and shiny polished finish, matte, hammered, or satin finish, it is on your preference. So, make sure to understand each other's favorites and select the right finish.

4- See If You Both Want Gemstones:

Most women prefer wedding bands that look put-together with their engagement rings. So, adding a little bling on wedding rings will add drama to the bands; because gone are the days when men did not prefer diamonds.

Don't worry if you do not fall into the traditional category because there is always a wedding band for everyone. If the matching sets aren't the answer, then you can compromise and fall into the in-between category, known as the complementary wedding bands.
Request the jeweler to show you a variety of options but maintain flow by using these two ideas.

1- Different band styles with identical metal
2- Different metals with the identical band style

For instance: A gold wedding band with diamond accents will look traditional for a bride, and the same design with grey tungsten will look contemporary yet masculine for the groom.

At the end, respecting each other's decisions is what will matter.

Bottom Line

With that said, we hope we were able to clear your mindset in regards to the wedding bands. Just as we mentioned that there is always a ring for everyone, the best way to flaunt the band is by choosing unique matching wedding bands. This way, you can include your style and personality in your wedding bands without offending each other's choices.

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