The short answer is yes. A recruiter can and will absolutely help you put together a 30/60/90-day plan, especially an external recruiter whose paycheck depends on you getting the job.

The longer answer is also yes, but you have to do your part in making sure that happens. A good recruiter can point you in the right direction for your research on the company. But you also have to ask the right questions to get the recruiter to share with you what they believe and know about the company and the job.

What are some basic things you need to know to create a killer 30/60/90-day plan?

• What’s the greatest challenge for the position?
• Why is the position open?
• What has to happen for the role to be successful?
• Who has been hired for this position before?
• What made them successful at it (or not)?

These concepts are huge. They are going to help you think strategically about the role and create a plan of attack that will ultimately result in your success.

A good recruiter will also be able to point you to essential resources to help you. Not just a home webpage address, but possibly a summary of the company, white papers on company products or services, or more. (But don’t forget the company’s LinkedIn page. That’s a tremendous resource, also.)

Even better, a smart candidate will have the recruiter review and critique the plan before it’s presented in the interview. The input you get could in fact be what makes you superior to all other candidates and get you the job offer.

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Peggy McKee is known nationally for placing top sales talent at companies that are Fortune 5, 100, and 500 organizations as the owner and chief recruiter for PHC Consulting. Her firm works with sales, sales management, marketing and technical support candidates in the medical products/laboratory products/healthcare products arena. See her website at

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