The business card is something that directly reflects your personal brand. Also, it is referred to as a great marketing tool for yourself and your organization. When it comes to networking events, a business card is the first thing that someone receives from you, and as a result, it’s your first chance to make a good impression on that person. If your business card is useful for that person, he/she quickly scan it by using the OCR business card scanner app for storing your business contacts instantly in digital form.

So, your business card crucial for you and you should not take it lightly. Your business card should be professional as it reflects your brand image. Even, it should be clear to understand, if so it assists while scanning through the business card organizer app accurately.

Now, let’s explore the do’s and don’ts of business cards!

Do’s of Business Cards:

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Keep it Simple:

You ought to choose easy to read font style and stick with the traditional size for business cards. If you are in a traditional business such as finance or consulting, don’t try to use bright colors. You should stick to white, beige, or light gray, and dark text like black, navy, dark grey looks professional and easy to read. Also, the business card with a simple design can be easily able to scan and digitize with the best business card scanner app.

Use the Back Side of the Card:

If you’re doing business with other countries, then it’s crucial to print the same information on the backside of the card in a different language. No need to worry, a free business card scanner app for android & ios enables to scan the business cards into a multi-language. Marketer often uses online business card reader to read the card into multi-language and store their data in a cloud-based system.

Include the Right Information:

The most important and key point is to add relevant information to your business card. You should have to add name, title, company name, logo, email address, and phone number on your business card. If space permits, then you could add your company website. The right information of business cards can readily extract with the business card scanner app as it uses OCR to digitize the scanning card within seconds.

Don’ts of Business Cards:

Don’t Make it Cheap:

There’s no need to use thin and cheap paper. This is the thing that makes the individual wonder about the quality of your services. Remember that cheap quality business card paper is hard to read by OCR of business card scanner app.

Don’t Use Clip Art:

Don’t try to use clip art on your business card. If you’re a freelance, then avoid using a business logo, you just ought to add a professional picture of yourself on the card. However, business card QR code can readily scan by using a free business card reader, it fetches the data of the card and organizes it in digitized form.

Don’t Keep Outdated Cards:

Never ever try to take your outdated cards to a networking event. Outdated cards mean the cards that include the wrong company name or wrong email address. The downside of outdated cards is that your customer dissatisfied with you and your business.

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