Statistics show that about 50% of men will have Prostatitis for one reason or another. Prostatitis is a common disease in the urology department, which can lead to dysuria and pain in men, seriously affecting their normal reproductive and urinary functions. With such a high incidence, understanding prostatitis and how to prevent it have become a concern for all men.

To prevent prostatitis, the following things should be noted in life. If you do these 7 things correctly and insistently, prostatitis will ignore you.

1.Have regular sexual life

In daily life, your sexual life should be moderate and kept in control, so as to relieve the feeling of swelling. It is also conducive to the discharge of the prostatic fluid, to promote its renewal. Regular sex life can adjust the pace of life and relieve life pressure. Men should be kind to their sexual life, and not indulge in or deliberately suppress it.

2.Avoid redundant prepuce

Redundant prepuce is a common phenomenon in men. It can lead to moist conditions that allow bacteria to linger and multiply. This can lead to an increased risk of infection in the urethra, so men are more likely to get prostatitis. Men should get circumcised as soon as possible if they need to. In addition, they are supposed to pay attention to personal hygiene after surgery to avoid bacterial infection.

3.Avoid being sedentary

Sitting for long periods of time, driving or riding a bike for too long, wearing tight pants and so on can put pressure on the prostate gland, causing the glands to become congested and inflamed. Therefore, avoid being sedentary can effectively avoid the emergence of prostatitis.

4.Urinate in time

If you feel the urge to urinate, don't hold it on purpose due to some reasons. If you often hold urine, it will reduce the flushing effect of urine and lead to increased bacteria reproduction, which may lead to retrograde infection to the posterior urethra, easy to cause prostatitis. Therefore, please urinate in time.

5.Give up smoking, drinking and staying up late

Smoking, drinking and staying up late are bad habits that many people can easily form. For patients with prostatitis, these problems can increase the burden on the prostate gland and make the disease worse. So men must keep good daily habits, to keep regular sleep and rest schedule, and no smoking or drinking.

6.Avoid eating too many spicy foods

Spicy foods contain many substances that can irritate the prostate gland, which can make the organ become inflamed over a long period of time. So it is often suggested that you should eat healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. Drinking more warm water can also help to maintain the prostate gland.

7.Don't abuse anti-inflammatory drugs

Since non-standard use or abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs will lead to prostate infection or prostatitis. In many cases, these drugs can lead to drug resistance, which is not helpful for the treatment of prostatitis. In this case, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to solve the urinary problems, which has no side effects or drug resistance. In particular, it works well on chronic prostatitis, to better terminate inflammation and dispel painful symptoms.

High-risk groups that suffer from prostatitis easily should be noted as well.

Sales personnel, public relations personnel and other worker need to engage in social activities frequently, and they usually have long-term unbalanced diet, excessive drinking and smoking, which will make the prostate gland congested easily, thus leading to chronic prostatitis and other urinary diseases.

Besides, men who often hold urine and sit for too long should solve these problems as far as possible, and the long-distance bus driver is a typical example. Your career will bring you some habits, but for the sake of your health, you should make them good ones.

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