Dear Tina,

I’m a shy guy and don’t know what to say when I meet a woman. I’m afraid I’ll never get another date.

What am I going to do?


Dear ShyGuy,

First, let me tell you that you are definitely not the only guy that feels this way. Not everybody has to have a very outgoing personality in order to meet somebody. This is what makes the world so great, our different personalities is what makes each one of us stand out. Could you imagine if we all looked and spoke the same? Scary, I wouldn’t want hundreds of mini me’s walking around.

The right girl is out there for you and you will know it when you meet her. Some women prefer a quiet sort of shy guy and our tired of men who must always be the center of attention. You are the perfect match for someone out there. The thing to remember is to not try so hard. When the time is right you will meet her.

When talking to a women, just take a deep breath and pretend you are talking to your best friend (minus the cursing and other things you may discuss with friends) and remain confident with your head held high. You have to believe in yourself and feel as if you are the catch and she will be lucky to meet you. Have an inner conversation with yourself and believe it.

Some of us are just shy and this makes us who we are. The right girl will come along and you will be confident and relaxed enough that you will hit it off. Be patient, it will happen.

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