When you set out to do something that matters to you, your feelings give you an urge or ability to follow through, don’t they? That means there are times you can inspire yourself to self-improvement.

What does that mean for you? It means that your inspiration comes from within. Meaning is something you create.

That’s partly because what matters to you is fluid. You can find meaning, by simply looking for it.
That’s right, meaning is right before you.
Possibilities for meaning are within you. And all around you!

One way you can create meaning for yourself is by doing things for other people. Meaning often comes from connecting with other humans.

Indeed, meaning and purpose arise naturally when you connect with people.

In fact, when you look for meaning, you’ll see it in the small things of your everyday life. For example, your typical morning routine includes actions that prepare you for what matters to you each day. What you do in the morning gets you out of bed. Prepares you for your day!

Whether it’s mindfully chosen or not, you do begin your day in a way that transitions you from sleep into doing what you need to do. When your days feel filled with meaning, you’re able to get up and get going fairly smoothly. Even in the most difficult times, meaning gets you going.

Some mornings you may look forward to certain activities. You take actions to prepare yourself for them. Those mornings, you simply get out of bed, ready to follow through on your plans for the day.

When you have the ability to follow through in the morning, you’ve inspired yourself in some way. And you can find ways to be inspired more and more often.

How can you inspire yourself? You can inspire yourself by seeking out meaning. In whatever you do. Meaning is the difference between the things you go ahead and do well — and those you put off without quite knowing why.

Put simply? Sometimes, well… You care!

And you can get yourself to care by your choices. You get yourself to care by searching for meaning. Persistently looking for what matters to you! It’s easiest to identify meaning connected with people. Connections with people spark meaning and interest in doing what needs to be done.

One example is how you’re able to dig down and do whatever needs to be done to help family and friends. You can do that for yourself when you’re looking for self-improvement, too. You can look deeper at what you want. You can figure out why you want it.

You can figure out what something you want will mean for you and your loved ones. Doing so inspires you. Inspiration helps you act. Meaning gives you an urge to take an action. That stimulates you and encourages you to keep going.

Meaning lets you work with purpose. Gives you the ability to stick to your plan. You don’t give up when you’ve found a sense of purpose and meaning for your action.

Purpose makes life easier. That’s helpful, because even when something matters a great deal to you, you can find it difficult to take the steps you need to take. Meaning, and your deep caring, spurs you on, to do what needs to be done to accomplish that which has meaning for you. Look for meaning and you’ll be able to inspire yourself to self-improvement.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton is your daily inspiration person. A messenger of hope! Inspiring you to DO "What's Next?!" If you want help with personal growth, you're in the right place.

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