Currently, subliminal technology might yet be the best thing that ever happened to humanity. At last, people can do more than treat their bodies in that they can now even change the way they think, thanks to the use of subliminal technology. And the good news is that this is only getting better, with more products that are related to subliminals being released into the market every day. The power of our subconscious minds can now at last be harnessed fully and be brought to positive fruition.

The truth is that any affirmations are good as long as they are positive and as long as they are in the present tense. Not only are they good, but they are also very powerful. If you say them every time and you look at yourself in the mirror as you say them, they have the powers to change you quickly. While saying them makes them effective, then one can just imagine what they would do if they were continually sent to your subconscious mind via the subliminals and devices like tapes and CDs.

Affirmations are just good words that you speak or address yourself with everyday. They could go like “ I am a wonderful person, I am great, I will succeed, I love myself, I will do it”….etc. the good thing is that even the critics agree that indeed, such statement have got no harm in themselves and more so, when addressed repeatedly, they do really help turn you into an achiever.

Subliminal technology is where positive thinking is induced by use of external stimuli. Whatever stimuli that one goes for is what befits them best because technology has brought about many subliminals in the market. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice.

The theory here is that the messages that are below your conscious level will go directly to your subconcious mind rather than the messages that are at your audio and visual level. This explains why subliminal messages are also used extensively in advertising where they provoke a buying action almost immediately. But apart from advertising, subliminal messaging has long been used on children and adults to help them turn their thinking from negative to positive. With the idea “implanted” directly to their subconscious mind, this as never failed.

Perception without awareness is the name of the game. That means that you do not have to see it to know that you can be it, but you only have to think it. The good news is that depending on the medium that your subliminal messages come in, you can choose anyway you want to listen to subliminals. You can sit, relax and listen or you can listen as you do other tasks. Whatever your preference is, the answer to the question whether subliminals and affirmations work is yes, they work big time and what’s more, they are the best and the simplest of all subliminal technology today. Repeating positive messages continually to yourself in the first person, that is using “I” works anytime because you end up believing the messages.

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