The experts seem to have all the answers.

Been there, done that, have the postcard and now can tell you everything you need to know to make your dreams come true.

You’re a good girl, do what they say – and nothing. Or at least not what they seemed to promise.

That weight they said you would lose? Still there.

The money they said you would make in your business? Still waiting.

The guy they said you would attract? Still single.

So is it that they don’t know what they’re talking about? They seem pretty knowledgeable. Their information and techniques seem to work for so many. And looking at their suggestions, they make so much sense and seem like they “should” work. So why aren’t they?

You may wonder what you’re doing wrong.

You may start thinking you’re a failure.

You may beat yourself up or find yourself obsessed with trying that one more thing that would “guarantee” success.

And this is where you may have to change the way you see the situation. You see, you may not be doing anything wrong at all. In fact, you may be doing everything right.

Right now, you might think I’ve lost my mind. You may be saying, “Well, if I’m doing everything I’m supposed to, then why am I still struggling? Why am I still pursuing the same goal I’ve had for years without seeming to get even one step closer?”

It could be because it just wasn’t meant to be yet. Maybe you’re meant to learn some more lessons in this in-between time, lessons that will make you better able to appreciate and share your wisdom and compassion with others.

Does this mean you should stop trying? No! Even if it’s meant to be, it won’t just appear at your doorstep without you putting in your effort.

Does it mean that you should just resign yourself to the fact that your dream will never come true? Absolutely not! Just because you haven’t seen it in your life yet doesn’t mean that you won’t.

Maybe it’s a matter of listening to the experts – and also listening to that inner voice that tells you what your next step should be. There’s no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution or strategy.

So if you’re feeling discouraged and frustrated, take a deep breath. Think about the strategies you’ve learned and how you can apply them in your life in a way that is right for now.

And then move forward in faith and commitment.

Author's Bio: 

Elizabeth Spevack is the founder of Heart and Soul Living. Elizabeth specializes in empowering women by helping them believe in themselves and be true to who they are. Her passion is helping women who long to be more realize they are more than enough even when they are not perfect and to help them dream big and take steps towards their unlikeliest of goals. Through questioning, listening and encouraging, she helps women realize that they are not alone on their personal journey.

Having lived with anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for years, Elizabeth loves to connect deeply with others and help them break down the walls that have been holding them back.

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