Do the tarot cards help with relationship problems?
If you had asked me this decades ago I would have said no, maybe or no idea. But since then I have had more than my fair share of dealing with serious relationship issues and started to turn to psychics as I had nowhere else to turn.

There were no friends or family I could go to - and anyway they can biased, or jealous or gossip about you, and just because you know them does not guarantee that they really care or can understand. There was an auntie I used to speak to sometimes who was a very nice lady and she dabbled with the tarot cards but her "readings" were terrible, I really do not know what made her believe that she could help others with it!

At the time I was alone and had just met a man who claimed we were meant to be. I had reservations as he did not have a good job, he would have had to rely on me for money, and I had heard all of this before from other guys who turned out to be liars, losers, users or whatever. Let us be honest for a moment, the guy has nothing to lose. He can get a lot of fun, he might also do well financially. Many guys would be eager and grateful just to get the fun. But for the person who is a hard worker and paying the bills it is a different story. Because I am a sensitive person and soak up energies, good or bad,it was very important that I did not get involved with someone who was wrong for me or not honest. From experience I had learned that I ended up badly hurt and suffering from it for months if not years. A huge price to pay for trusting the wrong person.

I rang various call centres and agencies asking them about this guy and they all told me that he loved me, we are soul mates, twin flames, meant to be, that he would never let me down,we would be together for ever. Wow. This is a big ask when you are only about twenty five and have lots of years ahead of you. But I still felt I was unsure and had big doubts.

I decided to consult a reputable tarot card reader who worked for herself alone and that lady told me that the guy did not love me, he was already married, he was lying about still being with his wife and spending a lot of time with her. He was planning to stay with her. He also had children he had not told me about! Wow. This knocked me for sick, but I checked it out thoroughly and sad to say it turned out to be true. I will always be grateful to this lovely lady because although what she told me was awful it was something I needed to know, and it was far more sensible to know that before I threw my lot in wit this man and fell for him properly. Goodness knows how terrible that would have been.

I know various women who would have kept asking all different "psychics" if this man loved them until they found one who told them what they want to hear, but they might as well just jump in and wait for it all to go wrong then, there is no point to checking someone out if you do not want to hear the truth. Years later my life is so much better because I did not get involved with that man, but yes it hurt a great deal at the time.

Yes the tarot cards can help with relationship stuff, they can help a lot, but you have to make sure you are consulting a trustworthy psychic who knows what they are doing and is honest. Not one of those call centres or agencies.

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Beth Shepherd 40 years of experience. Tried tested and recommended by professionals, experts, newspapers and magazines. A psychic,therapist and relationship expert.