Perhaps after the break up things seem a little unusual between you and your ex. It's only natural. I mean, the both of you used to be so close with each other and now where do the boundaries lie?

Instead of letting a host of awkward silences and unanswered questions bug you and leave you at a total loss for what to do, here are a few things to remember.

The two of you are likely likely to want a little time to chill and pull yourselves together. Whether or not the both of you are planning on staying friends in the longer term, it's only to be expected for there to be quite a few bizarre feelings after a split. Take a little time to yourself to redefine who you are as a single person before you try and maintain any sort of relationship with your ex.

Do things that you like doing and find ways to enjoy your own life without a romantic relationship. This will help you foster a sense of autonomy and self-reliance which will make you less likely to get upset or shaken by your next run-in with your ex.

After a month or so of withholding contact from your ex, you may be prepared to open the lines of communication again (check with yourself and see if you feel emotionally ready). When you do this, treat your ex like an old friend who you have not seen in a long while. Don't assume that there will be any sort of romantic spark between the two of you.

Take things slow and try to have a friendship with your ex before making an attempt to take things deeper than that, if that's what you need. Make sure that the both of you can get a long civilly and enjoy each other's company before attempting to set a romantic tone.

One of the best ways to test the waters and see whether the two of you can actually get along as either friends or lovers is to simply catch up with your ex over a cup of coffee. This is a low-commitment activity that lets you talk with your ex and see whether the two of you can enjoy being around each other in any capacity.

If things don't work out, you can always just get up and leave, which is something you can't necessarily do during a dinner date or some other sort of gathering where you may have to hang around for a check to arrive or some other sort of "barrier to exit."

Don't forget to take things slow and simply to try and have some fun without any sort of attachment to the end result. This is the best way to have a nice and enjoyable time with your ex, whether the both of you remain friends, become lovers again, or decide to part ways.

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