This morning I woke up to a normally lighthearted news report. You see, I stopped being a member of the CNN club many years ago. The morning news to which I now listen is typically one that lightens the day and brings a few smiles to its viewers; in turn, I'm able to intelligently carry on high-level conversations about what's taking place in the world.

Today....this lighthearted news station had a job to do: report the doom and gloom of the stock market's enormous drop, the European countries that are in trouble, our housing "crisis," etc. I was being sucked in before I knew what hit me. My mind was swirling with questions like, "What about my business?", "What about our finances?" and so on.

And now I breathe. I step back, I we really control our destinies?

My truth is that YES, we do DESIGN (much better than control) our lives, and that alone takes all the angst out of my head from this morning's depressing spilling of words.

Life is BIG, and it's in our best interest to own our power while knowing that we design and craft each moment as it unfolds within us. What would a day look like when we design our destiny?

  • We wake up knowing we are rested and safe, and we feel grateful for just this.
  • We set an intention for our day. Before putting our two strong, amazing feet on the floor, we set an intention of what we choose for our day.
  • We have a morning ritual that is important to only us. This ritual is meaningless to others yet powerful for us: a cup of coffee with a morning prayer, a walk in the brisk morning before others are out and about, sipping hot tea with a morning foot rub to prepare your feet to ground yourself, a morning meditation in your sacred space, etc.
  • Choose who you allow to be in your physical space. This means you clearly say no to invites from people who are energy suckers and invite those into your world who feed you energetically. Saying no to morning news is my choice.
  • You believe and recite it to yourself that you ARE powerful, and with that is great responsibility to be visible and of service.
  • You manage your finances; they do not manage you.
  • You are less reliant and tied to an end result, which means your soul and mind remain open to those wondrous downloads.
  • You consciously are willing to smile.
  • You let go of worry, knowing the only time to worry is when you can immediately impact a change. Example: if you smell smoke in your house, your worry is relevant as you can immediately impact change. To worry about the economy, the stock market or what others think of you does not serve you since you can not immediately impact the situation.
  • You choose what you eat: not what you SHOULD eat, not what is socially acceptable to eat, not what your partner wants to eat. You simply choose what your body is asking for. Slow down a moment, gently lay your hands on your tummy, and close your eyes. Try listening to your body to know what will feed your body.
  • Stir things up and take tomorrow and the next day without a rigid schedule. In other words, eat when your body is hungry, sleep when your body says it's tired, and work when your mind is most likely to produce results.

You see the beauty here is choice. You'll try these on for size, choose that which works best for you, and effortlessly and easily allow this new way of being to enter your life.

Be more of YOU!

I'd love for you to share what has worked well for you in designing your destiny.

Love and light,

Debbie Ingle
First Class Female
Life, Love and Luxury in Alignment

Author's Bio: 

A multi-faceted entrepreneur with 25 years behind me in Corporate America, my quest continues to bring the message to women that our answers are within. I deeply understand the limiting beliefs and roadblocks we encounter, and my job is to co-create your step-by-step choreographed path to realizing each one of your Dreams and Visions. 

At 49, I look back and question how I am so fortunate.

• I raised two amazing, college-educated daughters on my own.
• I continually made $500,000 to $750,000 annually minus a college education and, may I say, with a whole lot of integrity. (The most rewarding part of the income was the integrity piece.)
• I have a thriving marriage to an amazing man who wasn’t always so amazing (alcoholism).

I acknowledge being deeply thankful to feel fully connected with my PURPOSE AND PASSION. To fully embody living life as a First Class Female is an amazing experience, and my mission in life is to inspire and teach women to shift out of “I’m not enough” to Standing Tall in the First Class Female powerful self.