In order to do what you love, you need to know what you love. And so the basic question of the day is always, “What do you love to do?” For many, “I like to help people,” is the first answer that comes to mind. “What else do you love to do?” I might ask. Let’s say you reply that "I like to write." Going deeper, I might ask: “ What is it that most satisfies you in your writing life?”

Pulling together the puzzle pieces surfaced by these simple questions is an intriguing process and not always so simple. But here's the idea... A writing life can be expressed in so very many ways. There's a myriad of possibilities once you get clear on what you love about writing.

If you scan the world around you what might you see? My radar has just picked up a man who has created an income stream by writing sales copy for people leaving the corporate cubicle and starting out in business for themselves--people just like himself. There’s a woman who is running classes for young people who seek to write authentic essays as part of their college admission packets. There’s an elder who provides encouraging space for other elders to write their life legacies for their children and grandchildren. And there is a 10 year old in California who has written and illustrated an award winning book which shows young people how to create friendships---a helpful antidote to bullying. And that’s the short list! Each is employing his or her own particular gifts with a particular niche of the population to whom their voice and their passion really connects. Now it is up to you. Where, how, and with whom do you want to express your gifts?

Author's Bio: 

As a 70 year old semi-retired wise woman, I have done what I've loved for most of my life. In 2010, I published a gentle guide and prompt to reflection for those now willing to discover and express their passions and talents: Why Not Do What You Love? An invitation to calling and contribution for those hungry for your gifts.