The fallopian tube is the "bridge" between sperm and egg to complete fertilization. It is easy to cause obstruction and adhesion due to inflammatory lesions caused by infection, resulting in female infertility. Many women with Blocked fallopian tubes will have doubts that whether they can get pregnant naturally? Should they choose treatment first or do IVF directly?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the specific location and degree of tubal blockage and then decide whether they can choose surgery, medicine, or assisted reproductive technology. Of course, some special examinations, such as salpingography and laparoscopy, need to be done to determine whether a woman has blocked fallopian tubes.

If fallopian tube function is not entirely lost by evaluation, it can be dredged to restore function through reasonable treatment (minimally invasive surgery, drug conditioning). Most patients with fallopian tube obstruction can still get pregnant naturally after treatment, and the pregnancy rate is relatively high.

Under what circumstances can women do IVF?

① Women have severe tubal diseases, such as severe hydrosalpinx, loss of tubal function, tubal tuberculosis, endometriosis, tubal blockage, or removal after ectopic pregnancy.

② There are anti-sperm antibodies in the semen of men or cervical mucus of women with immune infertility.

③ Women can also choose IVF due to men's factors, such as oligospermia, asthenospermia, high rate of sperm deformity, diseases with family genetic history, sexual dysfunction, etc.

④ Unexplained infertility and elderly couples can also need IVF.

But before the IVF, women also need to do some tests, such as the endocrine status, whether the body's tolerance is good (can bear the whole process of pregnancy), and ovarian function.

There is also a failure rate of IVF (in vitro artificial environment culture and fertilization has a specific failure rate), and the cost is relatively high. Before the test tube, it needs to take eggs, which harms the female body (ovarian stress reaction, ascites, allergy, etc.), so not everyone can do the IVF. After the doctor's evaluation, it is better to get pregnant naturally through treatment.

Choosing an appropriate treatment for tubal obstruction can improve the probability of natural pregnancy.

Tubal obstruction, adhesions, and hydrosalpinx need to be examined by radiography to determine the block's specific location and degree. Then the doctor can make a treatment plan according to the situation.

Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill has an excellent therapeutic effect on tubal obstruction caused by inflammation. And it has a good therapeutic effect on infertility caused by other gynecological diseases, such as hydrosalpinx, endometriosis, and adenomyosis. Besides, it can also clean up the uterine environment, improve the chance of natural pregnancy.

Suppose the drug treatment is invalid, or other reasons cause the tubal obstruction. In that case, women should understand the position of tubal obstacle according to the radiography situation and decide the way of surgical treatment. In some patients, if the fallopian tube is blocked in the umbrella, cut the umbrella blockage, and then the fallopian tube fenestration can be performed. Still, this kind of action will often cause an impaired function of the fallopian tube.

If it is due to previous sterilization and other tubal obstruction causes, laparoscopy can be used for tubal recanalization and adhesion release. If it is interstitial obstruction, the success rate of surgery will be relatively low.

Therefore, patients with blocked fallopian tubes should choose a proper treatment according to the degree of obstruction. For mild or inflammatory infection caused by a blockage, women can select drug treatment, and usually, the effect of herbal medicine is good. If the blockage is located at the end of the fallopian tube's umbrella, women can select laparoscopic surgery for treatment.

Most patients with fallopian tube blockage can have a successful conception after treatment, and they should not consider the IVF for the time being.

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