Working as a psychic medium going on 18 years now, I get my share of questions about relationships.

Sometimes when I am doing readings for my mediumship clients they will ask me about soul mates.

Maybe they meet someone special and want to know is this the right one?

Will this be the love of my life? Will I ever find some one to love me?

I feel that all of our relationships are ultimately to help us continue to refine our personality.

The idea of a soul mate is a person that really "gets' you. They understand you and your little quirks and still love you through your good, bad and ugly.

You feel safe enough with them to hopefully recognize your un-refined aspects and start to work on them.

My feelings go much deeper and back to what I feel is the beginning of our journey here on this plane.

All the way back to the big bang! When I go that far back, I get a sense of the God/Goddess essence as being very fiery in nature. Very pure love!

The Big Bang was the essence of Creator/Creatress exploding outwardly. Splitting apart so that ultimately we could have individual experiences. Our souls are the little split a parts of that big explosion.

We are all on a journey back to at -one-ment. We have been immersed in the illusion of being separate from God/Goddess.

The way I see it is during the huge explosion, some of us were connected for a time and spit apart to have this individual experience. Some might call it a twin flame, split apart's or soul mates. There were different groups separating outward for this journey. Each soul group had a Monad that consisted of 6 sets of male/female souls. Your true twin flame was painfully torn from you at that moment. Some times we might meet some one from our soul group that has a similar vibration as one of our near twins which are other members of our Monad. They are not your true twin flame. But they might be a close match. They are all a little different.

A soul mate can be several different sorts of relationships. Lovers, parent, child or best friends. It can be a soul mate relationship and not be pleasant because of Karmic lessons to be played out and over came.

I think there are always exceptions to that. Someone that you think might be a soul mate, could be such a close
vibration to your soul mate that you feel that draw. Just because they have a similar vibe as your soul mate or twin flame doesn't mean they are meant to be for you.

So what is a soul mate relationship like? You may have a sense of knowing them through and through without knowing why or how. You may feel really attracted for an undefinable reason. It could be a protective feeling. Some times it is hard to explain the connection and the powerful attraction there.

Just because you feel you are soul mates does not guarantee the relationship will be smooth.

Karma and Dharma play a part too! If you have worked through your Karma, you may have some Dharma blessings and possibly the earned right to have a Dharmic relationship. Not necessarily though. A Dharmic love relationship is harmonious, loving and mutually supportive.

If you still have Karma to work through, you will keep attracting relationships that can show you were you have rough edges. Then hopefully you can get busy working on them.

I really think it is important to honor and acknowledge all of the players in this little movie drama of your life though.

Even the ones that make your life rough. They might be a friend from long ago and far away.

If you are still looking for the love of your life. The best place to start is with you. Do you personal refinement first.

If you can't find your self, who you are and what you have to offer the world. You won't be able to find your twin flame or soul mate.

Sometimes we are too close to the forest to see the tree's!

If you would like me to offer a reflection of what is going on, I would be happy to do so. But you are the one who has to roll up your sleeve's and take some action.

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Bright Blessings for a powerful Day!

Author's Bio: 

MarVeena Meek had a near death experience that altered the course of her life. As a result of the injuries she began having visions and conversations with people no longer living. This got her started on a life long pursuit of spiritual understanding and awakening. Now she gives special mediumship readings and teaches self mastery programs through out the US.