Do you delegate or try to do everything yourself? I find that many business owners think they have to do it all themselves or that only they can do it right so they can’t give it away.

I often teach my clients the importance of delegating. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You CAN’T do it all alone and be the success you want to be. There are no such things as self made millionaires even though people say that. They all have a team around them to help them accomplish what they are doing.

You need a team around you to! You only want to focus on and do what you want to do and what only you can do! That is the secret to managing multiple projects and having balance…delegate!

Outline all your tasks you do each day. Now decide if YOU have to do it or if someone else can take over to enable you to take on more of what you LOVE to do. If someone else can take over, do you have someone in mind already? If so, great…write that person’s name down. If not, that’s OK too…ask your colleagues and friends for references of people they use.

Everyone loves to do something. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “Your trash is someone else’s treasure.” Your “trash” AKA stuff you don’t enjoy doing is someone else’s “treasure” or niche. They’ve been trained in the task and love what they do.

I delegate a lot of my own tasks so I can focus on coaching and my communities which are things that I love.

You also don’t need just one person. You can hire multiple assistants and let them do what they do best. Let them handle things even if it is not the exact way you would do it. Remember they are trained in what they are doing and probably know a quicker and more efficient way of accomplishing the task.

I have a number of assistants that specialize in different areas. This way everyone is doing what they enjoy and it is helping me to be able to focus on my own strengths and be able to grow my business.

You can give direction and make sure your team knows your wishes and how you would like things done but don’t micro manage…it defeats the purpose of delegating!

While others work on the tasks you have delegated, you are going to be concentrating on bringing in new business and creating new ideas…the things only YOU can do.

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The difference between struggling business owners and tremendously successful entrepreneurs is this: Every successful entrepreneur has come to rely on one phenomenal business coach - themselves!

Most people don't know that every magnificent solution to the success they seek lies already within their souls. And it's Sharon Wilson, Founder of The Coaching From Spirit Institute, who's helping thousands of people around the world learn how to coach themselves and then sync that "Inner Coach" with leading-edge business strategies. The end result? Much faster, highly leveraged success!

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