Do you dream of wearing a purple or violet wedding dresses? Or perhaps a lighter shade...lavender, for example? If there was ever a time for brides to embrace a purple bridal gown, it's right now.

In fact, Ultra Violet is "Color of the Year"for 2018. The color institute calls this blue-shade of purple "provocative"and "dramatic."According to several online sources, purple can symbolize mystery, creativity, power, royalty, magic and luxury. Do any of those words describe you, or the style of your wedding?

For the first time ever, a bride has several options in this vibrant color. Because we know the bride who'll choose a non-traditional color is unconventional and marches to the beat of her own drum, our designers incorporated unique styles and fabrics to match her avant-garde personality.

Prefer a lighter shade of purple? A lavender wedding dress may be the perfect pick for you. Although you can wear any color any time of year, you may feel more comfortable in lavender for an evening spring/summer wedding although wearing this color in winter would be very unique. "Pink Lavender"made its debut as a top pick for Spring 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report by the Pantone Color Institute at New York Fashion Week. If you're thinking of lavender (or purple) for your wedding, you can feel a bit smug knowing you have a modern and current sense of style!

Violet Wedding Dress
What about the bride who wants it all? We have a breathtaking violet wedding dress for you! The high neck with long sleeves provides full coverage from the front while the keyhole back shows off plenty of skin. The trumpet wedding dresses allows you to glide down the aisle effortlessly and illusion lace hints at the silhouette of your legs. Wear the flowing tulle and organza train all day or night, or easily detach it when you're ready to dance or cut cake.

Lavender and Purple Weddings
In case you're not quite ready to consider purple wedding dresses, all of the gowns mentioned above are available in traditional colors such as white or ivory. We imagine you stopped by because "lavender"or "purple"caught your eye. There are so many ways to use these colors in your wedding.

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We imagine you stopped by because "lavender"or "purple"caught your eye. There are so many ways to use these colors in your wedding.