DO YOU EVER FEEL THAT LIFE'S BEEN UNFAIR TO YOU ? Esther's parents had died. They had been among the Jewish captives led away from Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar and settled in Persia. She knew slavery and oppression. As an orphan, she was raised by her older cousin, Mordecai. But she refused to become bitter even though she had been broken and depleted in life.

Esther demonstrates that a person with a past can touch God in the present and believe Him to give her a future. Esther didn't allow the misfortunes in her life to strip away her God- given identity. Not everyone does that. Some people who love God remain bitter and broken. But everyone has the opportunity to touch God and believe for restoration in their areas of depletion.

One of the qualities that made Esther extraordinary is that she had a great inner fortitude and confidence that gave her the ability to handle pressure. When Esther went into the king's presence, where she was up against 127 beautiful virgins who were vying to become queen, she "requested nothing." the other girls appealed to the king with ornaments and outward beauty. Esther went with what was inside her -- an inner strength that radiated beauty and gave her favor (Esther 2 : 15).

Although Esther was the least outwardly adorned, what made her stunningly beautiful was "the hidden man of the heart"..........even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great prize"
(1 Peter 3;4). Esther was as strong on the inside as she was beautiful on the outside. And because of that, she could handle a hostile environment because she knew who God had made her to be. When the moment came for her to take a heroic stand to save the Jewish people, years of preparation led to a determined date with her destiny.

Don't miss your moment. Invest in what God has put inside you . Develop the beauty of an " inner life''. Invest in what lasts all through life and on into eternity! God is preparing you! He is transforming you into a person who will rise above the wounding of your past and be overflowing with God's love. He is establishing in you the ability to withstand pressure and to have an inner radiance that comes from a relationship with Him.

Ask God to reveal to you what it is that He has for your life. Ask Him to give you a glimpse of the future He has already prepared for you. It's a future bathed in the glory of God, and it's a destiny worth pursuing with your whole heart.

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Mercy Abbey is a life coach, speaker, author, consultant and entrepreneur. She is gifted with a passion to inspire, empower, exhort and to equip others in discovering God's unique design for their lives. Mercy is on a mission to proclaim a message of hope, truth and wholeness as she provides practical life coaching tools that people can apply to their everyday lives to begin living out the blessings, provisions and the purpose God has for them in their lives – A true life without limits!

Mercy has over twenty years of professional experience in various environments, including nursing and business. However with each phase of her journey there was a common thread where she spent a great deal of time inspiring and empowering others. While she enjoyed and always made the best of each position, she always felt that there was a greater purpose for her. At God's appointed time she was led to leave a successful health care business she'd personally built from the ground up to do what she loves and enjoys the most, and what she knows God called her to do-- Help others.

Now she has set out to help them live their life without limits. Mercy Abbey is the founder and president of Rhema Life Without Limits and Rhema Life Coaching, both divisions of Rhema Preserve Global, LLC. As a Christian life coach known for her approachable spirit and discernment, her desire is to help others overcome life's challenges and discover a great life through Christ. Her philosophy is rooted in her own life experience and her passion for success. Mercy has personally overcome great adversities in life and she is someone you can count on to relate to the struggles you may find yourselves in. Whether you consider yourself a high profile individual or you’re the blue-collar type, Coach Mercy is ready to help you move to your next level so you can thrive and not just survive.

The word says in the book of Jeremiah 29:11-

“For I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord. It is a plan to prosper you and not do harm to you. To give you hope and a future.”
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