When you are in the higher vibrational energies, you are able to manage your thoughts and feelings by focusing your energy. That’s called Energy management. When you are in higher vibrational energies, you have the strongest connections to your inner guidance.

When you are in lower level energies – anger, worry, fear – that’s when you feel something less than a clear connection with the energy flow. This is a perfectly normal experience.

When you learn to allow your Inner guidance to guide you, you are in a state of peace and flow more often.

When you are running a business you may never think about tapping into that higher energy source in running your business.

You didn’t make that leap in thinking. The fact that this energy source can actually help you to be more successful has not been taught at business schools yet.

Think of your inner guidance as a personal trainer you work with to get to the next level from where you are. When you reach your goal you don’t fire your trainer right?

By focusing your energy and reaching your goals you will be able to expand on your goals, shift more beliefs and accomplish even more than you ever imagined.

Being in a high vibrational energy is important in your daily life and in your business. By having that high vibrational energy you are sending off those signals to others that are around you and they will return those same vibrations back to you.

High vibrational energy attracts more of the same and that is exactly what you want to have happen!

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The difference between struggling business owners and tremendously successful entrepreneurs is this: Every successful entrepreneur has come to rely on one phenomenal business coach - themselves!

Most people don't know that every magnificent solution to the success they seek lies already within their souls. And it's Sharon Wilson, Founder of The Coaching From Spirit Institute, who's helping thousands of people around the world learn how to coach themselves and then sync that "Inner Coach" with leading-edge business strategies. The end result? Much faster, highly leveraged success!

After years of corporate executive success, Sharon Wilson fed her sales, marketing and management prowess into the development of ongoing coaching programs and TeleSuccess Seminars that provide success solutions "with a spiritual bent." Through Coaching From Spirit, mega-entrepreneurs, inspirational speakers and wealth coaches personally mentor and guide business people from all walks and levels of success to newfound strategies and uncanny solutions.