Have you ever gotten angry and reverted back to acting like you were five years old? Maybe your partner pushed your “button” and you began whining, defending, shouting, or pouting? Believe it or not, many people tend to act unconsciously when such an opportunity arises and come across as needy and dependent little children.

An old programmed tape is playing

The reason for this is that an old programmed tape is playing that got recorded when you were a child. Yes, your first six years of life you learned a set of programs from your childhood that tend to carry over into adulthood. If you happened to receive good training, thus receiving abundant love, support, and emotional nourishment, you’re more likely to handle conflict as a mature adult. On the other hand, if you did not receive adequate love, attention, support, or emotional nourishment, you’re more likely to handle conflict as an immature adult.

I’ve been there. I struggled for years with codependency (a dependence on another person to feel happy) and boy when I would face conflict or an accusation, I would revert back to five years old. My emotional stability would fly out the window and there I’d be yelling, defending, whining, crying, or even storming out slamming the door. I couldn’t see it at the time, but looking back I recognize a scared little girl trying to handle the conflict instead of my adult self.

Such immature behavior does not have to continue

Once I realized that this behavior did not have to continue and there was hope for me, I began learning how I could stop it. So many people are blinded to the fact that their early childhood still affects them as an adult. Whether you’re 25 or 75, if you haven’t revisited your past and dealt with some core issues, you’re most likely letting that old tape play over and over in your subconscious mind.

This is why I’m adamant about hitting the therapist or codependence expert if you’re really struggling. If you’re struggling a great deal with fear, insecurity, anxiety, anger, etc., it’s time to take an honest look as to why. It’s time to find a good therapist that will take the time to talk with you and get to the core (and not just prescribe a pill). I also believe the 12 Step groups work well, especially if you’re struggling with addiction or codependency.

It’s time to get free

Life is too short to be stuck with feeling sad, anxious, angry, resentful, and so on. I spent far too many years feeling pinned beneath a truck emotionally. I wish I would have gotten serious about getting to the core of my emotional issues sooner. This is why I’m passionate about helping others. I want to see people get free and happy!
If you’re battling depression, anxiety, fear, anger, insecurity, or other negative emotions, consider taking a season to get to the bottom of the matter. Do you resort to the needy and clingy five year old when conflict occurs? Are you having continual relationship problems? Do you feel unworthy? Unloved?

If so, it’s time to get free. It’s time to take that old tape that’s playing and replace it with a new tape. It’s time to begin telling a new story and taking responsibility for your emotions.

You can live life free and happy. In order to learn how, please visit the website below.

Author's Bio: 

Dominica Applegate, M.A., is an Author, Speaker and Coach specializing in codependency and personal development. She offers an eCourse entitled “Overcoming Codependency” and holds workshops regularly. She has a deep passion for discovering and sharing authentic spiritual truth that transforms people from the inside out. She is dedicated to the sacred art of self-discovery, creative expression, and adding value to humanity. Feel free to connect with her at Dominica Applegate and receive her free eBook, Recycle Pain: It Has a Purpose.