Have you attempted several diets in order to lose weight, only to be left feeling unsuccessful? Maybe you even gained weight at the end. This cycle can lead you to develop many dieting myths and negative thoughts about your ability to achieve your goals. You may even feel like a failure and decide that it is too hard to diet. There are many reasons why this ends up happening.

Many people go on diets that force them to restrict their food intake. When your food is restricted, your body reacts negatively. This negative reaction causes your metabolism to slow down. When that happens, you begin to gain weight again. This weight gain leaves you feeling awful about your abilities to lose weight.

Society also plays a big part in how many women define themselves. If you watch the television for just one hour, you will see very thin “successful” women and weight loss commercials. Sometimes heavier people on television shows are portrayed in lower positions than their skinnier counterparts. American society as a whole states that the thinner you are the more successful you will be. This message can leave you feeling as if you are not good enough. You may start doubting that you will ever be successful in your journey, or even your life.

Women in today's society are placed under a lot of pressure. This pressure leads you to believe that you must be thin. As an end result, you put too much pressure on yourself. All of your focus is on your weight and not on yourself as a person. You begin to feel like you must try every diet there is in order to live up to standards. You do not focus on yourself as a person as much as on your obsession with weight and appearance.

So with the failure of diets and the standards set by society, what will be the driving force that enables you to lose weight? The desire to be thin must come from within. Yes, you must have a true desire to lose weight in order to be successful.

You may say that you want to lose weight. In fact, you may have an obsession with weight loss. However, being obsessed with dieting and your appearance is not the same as having a healthy desire to lose weight. The obsession is what leads to yo-yo dieting. Trying one fad diet after another in order to achieve results has not worked for you. It leads to a vicious weight loss cycle where you end up frustrated with yourself. You still want to lose some of the weight, but you don't have a true desire for it when you feel that every diet will end up failing.

Are you focused on your weight because society tells you that you must be thin? This motivation does not equate to a true desire to lose weight. A true desire for weight loss should come from within yourself and not from someone else telling you that you must be thin.

You must want to lose weight for yourself. It should not become an obsession or be done for anyone else. To see where you lie in your desire to lose weight, try writing a list of reasons you want to lose weight. Examine this list and see which ones are truly about you. Place this list where you can see it daily. Always examine your true motives for weight loss.

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