You've heard this many times before. I know I have.

You may have even tried to follow the advice of others and live this way as well. I know I did.

And even if you didn't hear this from someone else, you may have thought that it is the way you’d be living your life if you had financial freedom. I thought this way as well and it backfired.

I’m referring to living the easy life. Along with this is the idea that the very things in your life that you don’t want to deal with will now go away.

Or in other words, by having financial freedom you’d be better off.

But as strange as it may sound, this is the very thing that’s also stopping you from having greater amounts of wealth and financial freedom.


Because you may not have the courage to achieve financial freedom…and not even be aware of it.

Think about it…

Do you actually wake up in the morning and say, “I’m really glad that I barely have enough money to scrape by”, or “I just love looking at my bank account which may overdraft… while still not being able to pay all of my bills”, or “I’m just looking forward to having more life left at the end of my money while feeling anxious and stressed out on a daily basis.”

Of course not. No one looks forward to this…

But yet this is what’s happening.

And as crazy as it sounds, it has to do with not having the courage to achieve financial freedom.

So where am I going with this?

No matter where you are or what you do in life you’re going to have equal amounts of support and challenge, pleasure and pain, praise and criticism. Along with this you’ll also have people liking and disliking you…equally.

And the important part of this is…

The greater amount of wealth you have (along with having financial freedom) the more of each you’ll have equally.

Take a look at the most wealthiest people. What do you see?

As an example let’s use Donald Trump. You ‘ll see that Trump has millions of people disliking him…and millions of people liking him. You’ll see millions of people thinking he’s a greedy jerk…and you’ll see millions of people saying he’s a generous and caring man.

What you also may not be aware of is that the wealthiest people (Trump included) take a tremendous amount of risk. And it is through these risks that they reap the rewards.

Most people consciously think that they’ll live an easier and more joyful life if they are wealthy and have financial freedom. The fact is, you’ll have equal amounts of ease and difficulty along with the other pairs of opposites I mentioned above…

And the more financial wealth you have, the more of each you’ll receive.

If you’re seeking more rewards expect to take more risks. If you want a thousand people supporting, praising, and liking you…expect to have a thousand people challenging, criticizing, and disliking you. The pleasures and pains are equal. As are the perceptions of others thinking you’re generous and greedy.

And now for what most people subconsciously think.

“If I have large amounts of wealth (millions) along with financial freedom, people will think I’m filthy rich. I don’t want people to think of me like that.

The people who liked me before, and even those I don’t know won’t like me now. By having all this financial wealth people now criticize me more. They are challenging me more.

All of a sudden people I don’t know and haven’t heard from in years will try and be my friend now and ask to borrow money. If I tell them “no” they’ll hate me and think I’m cheap and greedy.

I thought life was going to be easy but now there’s more accountabilities and responsibilities, plus it seems like I’m always under the microscope in many people’s eyes.

I don’t want any of this and I’ll do anything to not have to deal with any of it.”

This is exactly what happens when thinking you’ll be better off as a result of having greater wealth and financial freedom.

Now of course there’s something you can do to prepare yourself for this not to happen so you can live a financially free lifestyle…

But first it is vital that you have the courage to do so.

Do you have the courage to embrace both challenge and support equally?

Do you have the courage to deal with just as many people disliking and liking you?

Do you have the courage to deal with people who are disgusted by your presence and those who are sincere and smile at you?

Do you have the courage to shed certain people in your life while having others enter your life?

Do you have the courage to be seen as greedy but also known as being generous and caring?

Do you have the courage to be seen as “filthy rich” and “lucky” just as much as someone who has truly earned their way and provides a tremendous amount of value to others?

Do you now have the courage to see that there is both difficulty and ease in your life?

If you've answered yes seven times…

Congratulations because now you have the courage to achieve financial freedom.

Author's Bio: 

Chaney Weiner is a sought after authority on human potential and personal development. He is the founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential, an organization dedicated to empowering people worldwide in all seven areas of life (Financial, physical, family, mental, spiritual, vocational, and social) by helping them discover their hidden brilliance and uniqueness based on what is most important to them.

An acknowledged transformational leader and a leading expert on success and raising human potential, Chaney has inspired millions of people around the world, sharing his breakthrough methods for personal and professional success in the seven different areas of life.

His signature Breakthrough to Achieve Program(TM) along with his various courses and programs are the combination of more than 23 years of multi-disciplinary study.

Chaney is often approached by the media for his inspiring insights and advice. His work has been featured on Montel Across America with Montel Williams, Hollywood Confidential with Leeza Gibbons, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Hay House Radio and on hundreds of radio shows throughout the world.