CBD which is the other name of cannabidiol is one of the popular compounds of cannabis plant. Nowadays, you can get several products of CBD in the market in the form of sprays, lozenges, topical creams and many other forms.

Among various benefits offered by CBD are pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improvement in brain and heart health. Weight reduction is also other benefits of CBD that is being talked about by medical researchers.

Let us therefore discuss how any best CBD gummies can affect your weight in this short writeup.

What is CBD?

In cannabis, there are more than 100 compounds available and among them CBD is one of the important compounds found. The other important compounds are tetrahydrocannabinol, which is known as THC and it is found to be more than CBD.

However, CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC, which means it will not produce any psychoactive effects, however, it can affect our body in many other ways.  

For instance, it can stimulate certain body receptors that can reduce anxiety, pain and inflammation. 

So far whatever research has been done, we could know that CBD is useful to us in many numbers of ways. However, complete effects of CBD are yet to be explored further.

Can CBD help in achieving weight loss?

Preliminary research done on CBD suggests that CBD can also boost our metabolism and can help in reducing food intake and thus can promote weight loss.

With animal studies it has shown that CBD can affect weight due to interaction of receptors CB1 and CB2 in lymphoid tissue with our brain. Both these receptors play an important role in our metabolism and also food intake.

Experiment was conducted by injecting CBD in rats and it was observed that after that there was severe reduction of food intake. 

Though all these results are quite promising but not sufficient enough to prove that among humans too the same results will be found and therefore more research will be needed.

In our body, there are 2 types of fats available which are white and brown fat. White fat usually is one of the predominant forms that is responsible for supplying and storing energy while cushioning and insulating our organs.

Brown fat is responsible for producing heat by calory burning. Individuals who are quite healthy will tend to have brown fat more than overweight people.

You can convert your white fat into brown by enough exercising, exposing to cold temperature and having adequate sleep, and researches have found that CBD can accelerate this process.

With test-tube study it was found, CBD can convert from white fat-cells to brown fat-cells however, further human research is required to verify these effects.

Use of marijuana is associated with lowering of body weight

Though use of marijuana commonly promotes increased food intake, however people who use products of marijuana tend to weigh lesser than those who never use.

Trial was conducted on more than 50,000 people and the effect of marijuana on weight reduction was observed. 

Since, CBD is also prevalent in marijuana, it is very likely that CBD can also help in reduction of weight but it has to be proved by researchers.

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