Many women wish that they could know every thought that passes through their partner's head. They often think it would make everything easier and solve all the problems they might ever have in their relationship. Some women actually think that can read their man like a magazine, but can they really, or are they just imagining that they know how he thinks?

It takes years and years of closeness to truly understand each other and get to the stage where you can start to know each other thoughts. Of course you can't ever be a mind reader, but the way people in long-term relationships manage to pick up on the skill is by subconsciously learning behavioural patterns in their partner's behaviour. Many people have tells, signs that give away how they are feeling or what they are thinking, so if you can learn someone's then you will often be able to tell what they are thinking without them having to say it.

However many women who think that they know how he thinks are often sorely mistaken. Men are much cleverer than they are given credit for by the partners most of time. Just because they have blank expressions on their faces for most of the day, this does not mean they are day dreaming or just thinking about things like football. Quite often they are trying to hind what they are thinking so that you can't figure it out.

Another way to figure out how he thinks is by learning the signs that give away that he is lying. That way when he says something like "I wasn't looking at her", you will be able to tell if he was telling the truth or not, and therefore deduce what he was really thinking as there can often be a difference between what is thought and what is said. Classic signs of lying are things such as nervous behaviour, shaking hands, sweating, running hands through hair or being unwilling to make eye contact while telling the lie.

The final way to be able to read a guy and therefore to be able to know how he thinks is by reading his looks. As cheesy a line as it might be, you can often truly tell what someone is thinking by looking into their eyes. Your eyes on one of the hardest parts of the body to control, and looks can give a lot away about thoughts and feelings. For example, you should know the look your partner gives you when they can't help but think how much they love you where they just stare at you, or the shifty look which lets you know they are either uncomfortable with the situation or that they have done something wrong.

These are just a few examples of ways that you can read your man's thoughts, because we all know how unreliable the words that come from their mouths can be. It is only if you know how to read them that you can truly know how they think.

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My name is Winny Kho and I am here to help you understand how the men you are in relationships with actually think. Relationships are some of the most important aspects of people's lives, and you have to work at them to keep them strong. However this can be hard when women feel that they have no idea what is going on inside their man's head, and this is where I come in.

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