People are often very negative about selling. They picture the sleazy salesman pushing things that no one wants or needs just to make a quick buck.

In your business you may feel that you’re being pushy, you may feel like you’re not good at selling. A lot of people don’t like to refer to themselves as being in sales. When you are in business though you are in sales whether you want to be or not because without sales you have no business.

What you may not realize is that you are always selling. When you suggest a restaurant to go to you are selling your companions on it. When you suggest a family vacation you are selling your family on the destination you think should be visited. You need to shift your beliefs around selling to have success at it.

You need to Transform Selling into Serving. Get inside the hearts and heads of your ideal clients so you understand what they want and the specific issues you can help them solve. By looking into their hearts and heads and finding out about the pain they are experiencing and how they would feel to have that pain go away, you are serving them in the best way you can. You are not selling them something they don’t need…they are seeking the solution you are holding!

Let people FEEL how you can help them. Let them FEEL your emotion. People buy based on the emotions they are feeling and if those emotions are bad and you can make them good, then all the more reason to buy from you or work with you!

Think of when you have purchased something. Did it help you with the problem you were having? Did you feel better after you implemented what the solution was? This is what you want your clients/customers to feel as well. You didn’t feel you were being sold on something you didn’t want or need, you bought the product because of the emotion it stirred up in you!

The success of your business is directly related to the beliefs you hold around selling. You attract clients/ customers to you based on the overall energy you are radiating. Attracting clients is an inside job. Your beliefs about selling either attract or repel people and directly impact your words and actions.

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