Several months ago a young couple asked if I conducted weddings. They were seeking a ceremony which reflected their values and last weekend they were married. The influence of the stars was very evident in the alignment of all aspects of the event.

The new moon rose the next day bringing its new beginnings, and more. Which led me to reflect on how the stars influence all aspects of our life - including our careers and businesses.

Only very few acknowledge their influence in our left brained linear business thinking. So I decided to highlight the business opportunities the cosmos is providing for us all over the coming weeks. As a free will Universe it requires your choice as to action.

Balance, Harmony and Love

Have you felt the change to September´s theme of balance, harmony and love? Has the sense of your direction become clearer? Any lightning flashes of insight to help you gain even greater clarity?

The purpose being to assist you first feel and then manifest your greater vision - bringing it into creation. The message is for you to take responsibility for the direction of your business, your career, your project, rather than leaving your power with others.

Since Saturn went retrograde in April we have been learning to be more self- sufficient, more determined to reach our objectives. With the focus on our own career and leadership.
On 6th September Saturn went direct, liberating you from limitations and igniting your urge to take action. Allowing you to begin reaping what you have sown throughout this year.

Whether it is a dream or nightmare depends on what you have been focusing! Holding onto the past or adjusting to the new paradigm appearing?

Yes, there will be the uncertainty of where you are headed and is it safe to step out of your comfort zone? Meaning these insights may be accompanied by unexpected shocks in your world to help you head in the direction your soul desires. We can expect the same from Mother Earth.

Learn from the Stars Your Divine Mission

As Saturn inches forward again over the coming weeks it signals a major transformation in your life… with an emphasis on your divine mission.

• You will be making full use of all you have learnt in 2018; and
• You will be able to take on greater responsibilities – though now with ease and confidence in your own abilities.

Meaning your whole outlook on life will become more harmonious. That is because there are only harmonious aspects to Saturn during this change of direction!

Saturn along with other movements shows us where we have done our work, or not. It is just that!

What is "the work"? As 2018 is an 11 year, our purpose is to bring all aspects of our life into balance in order to start anew.

To do that you need to step outside of your existing beliefs and identities as to your business or career. To identify what is serving you, in your relationships, as well as your world. Making changes as a result. The alternative is to stay in your existing “comfort zone” no matter how painful or frustrating any lack of growth may be.

What Choice are the Stars Offering?

Only when we are honest with ourselves and others will new dreams be revealed, new relationships initiated, and existing relationships deepen. These along with old, superficial relationships and fear-based sources of income have to fall away to create space for the new. Death of the old is necessary to create the opportunity for re-birth.

Fearfully clinging to the old, staying in our comfort zone, not accepting the truth of who we are, ignoring or suppressing the soul's desire to change, will result in one of those unexpected shocks.

The only choice we have is to be with it, make it, or run from it and be traumatised by it. So choose wisely!

To help us in our choice there was the most fortunate planetary design of a grand trine of Uranus, Mercury and Saturn at the same moment Saturn went direct. Creating the potential for enormous positive breakthroughs!

This grand trine created the moment for taking major decisions, in all aspects of your life. Particularly as your intuitive awareness is heightened; you will be more able to concentrate and focus; and so complete your projects with attention to detail and by when intended for your re-birth.

It is the moment to be visible as your true self, hold deep discussions with long term implications, sign contracts and commence all career and business related negotiations.

Uranus’ participation being to ensure you are willing to explore new opportunities, to take a risk and be able to channel your increased awareness into actual profitable outcomes.

The question for you is do you trust yourself enough to take off your armour and accept your unique gifts and abilities? Or, stay in your comfort zone even though you feel less secure and less able to express your own desires and needs?

All of which meant as we came to the new moon in Virgo on the 9th of the 9th month, we could feel patient, excited and calm in the same moment.

It heralded an entire month devoted to actively addressing our wounds, physical, emotional, and mental. Though doing so in an harmonious way.

In addition to its optimism and enthusiasm to start new projects and establish your desired outcomes, the growth you experience from this new moon will be material and spiritual. It will provide opportunities to accelerate and expand financial growth, as well as for long distance travel.

If you find yourself at a transition point in your life where you are wondering what comes next for you, and you like the idea of doing something truly meaningful, rewarding and also profitable, I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Message me to explore possibilities.

The Numbers Support us in…

The numerology of the new moon's 22, 99 and 11 codes indicates what is initiated during this new moon may leave a legacy behind. It is also a period of mystical awakening.

Which may create insecurity, so the question of trust will appear - either of yourself or someone else. Listen to your inner voice!

This is the opportunity we are being offered once we change within ourselves.

What is this ‘change’ that must occur within us before the world starts to change around us?

I believe the ‘change within ourselves’ is the most profound transformation we can make within this lifetime. It is why we are here at this moment, to remove the constraints on our soul´s ongoing evolution - the passion which led to you to start your business.

To give you an idea, here is a glimpse of what happens to us when this ‘inner-change’ occurs:

• We instantly catch sight of and let go of our victim, self-defeating, ego based thinking
• Our minds quieten so we can experience a deep sense of inner-peace
• We are less attracted by distractions and more ‘in tune’ with the pace of our own life
• We are more likely to recognise insights about life situations and circumstances, instead of repeatedly re-playing stories over and over in our minds
• We catch a glimpse of our own illusive ego and effortlessly move beyond it
• We tap into an endless reservoir of resilience, no matter what life brings
• We fall in love with our lives and everyone we are blessed to share it with
• We see the beauty of life and nature and feel in harmony with it
• And so, so much more.

Much though I would like to be able to set out in an email such as this explaining the Inner Realms-External Beliefs so you experience its transformation

…doing so requires recognition of our feelings. Which is why I take people through it in person during our events.

One Spirit Work….

Our next Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism is on 27th and 28th October. The weekend before, 19th to 21st October we have Working with Energy. It will empower you to understand, receive and give energy. So enabling you to integrate energy work within your daily practice as well as cultivate and use your intuition.

A full list of our events can be found on our Facebook page as well as web site.

The triple 2:2:2 code and the 11:11 portal opened on 11th September gave us the choice of listening in and trusting what is in our highest good – or continuing to rely on old paradigms for answers.

The shadow side of the number 2 is anxiety and worry rather than allowing connection to the Creator to heal through integrating peace and harmony.

The shadow of the 11 is to feel division and incompletion, healed by listening to our intuition and trusting what we do not know is in our highest good.

Then Pluto and Jupiter Create….

Two transits involving the sun on the 11th and the next day a trine involving Pluto and Jupiter, all add to the sense of greater ease in what you are doing. The stars creating an auspicious period which is supporting success through making changes, without any need to force it.

The transits on the 12th increased our need for companionship and feeling loved.

Jupiter as the biggest planet in our solar system it is asking you to think big – it also brings the gift of growth. In combination Jupiter and Pluto bless you with:

• Deep gratitude
• Profound tolerance
• Unlimited possibilities

As Jupiter and Pluto dance together, opportunities for remarkable change are magnified.

• Pluto in Capricorn wants to tear down old, deeply ingrained structures, while bolstering your resolve to trust your inner knowing.
• Jupiter in Scorpio (the sign that Pluto rules!) magnifies and deepens the transformation.

Pluto is saying – you can change your life in an instant and Jupiter instils you with the strong desire to reach beyond your current thinking. Rather to recognise the truth in every situation, in every person. Especially in yourself.

The Message from the Stars is to……

One of the messages I am constantly reading is about the need to discover your “soul’s purpose”. That though is not to be in a certain job, place or relationship. All of these are experiences. The soul´s purpose is quite simply to gain as many of these as possible.

Continued happiness and growth are nothing to do with knowing your soul’s purpose – rather it is about aligning with your soul. And, that requires hearing the silence of your Inner Realms.

15th September is ideal for sales work, negotiating business terms or major purchases such as a house. The 16th creates space to visualise your path ahead and plan the steps to achieve it.

An urge to break free from restriction appears on the 18th, which you could use to effect highly inventive and creative breakthroughs and a reinvigorated personal and professional life.

You can do that by isolating an area in your life where you can tear up the rules you have been living by. Write them down, light a candle and then rip them up and burn them in the flame. As they do so, thank them for helping to bring you to that moment.

The 20th is the day for tidying paperwork. It also has much business potential when focused on making plans, making offers and sharing collaborative, experimental presentations.

The Equinox and Full Moon Bring…

Until 22nd September we have a Virgo Sun, providing us with an eye for detail and good powers of discrimination. This is also when to gain clarity as to the service-nature of your business or career and set out your plans to grow it.

The last moment when day and night are equal in 2018 is just before 02.00 a.m. (UTC) on 23rd September. Use the day to ground yourself by focusing on your breath, bring your thoughts into the heart and so connection to Earth.

The full moon in Aries rises just before 04.00 (UTC) 25th September. This is September´s only challenging emotional influence, though designed to be of deep service. For it is linked to fears related to an emotional wound in your childhood.

Addressing it will release you from a reluctance to act boldly with regard to your leadership. The intensity could last for three or four days.

Let me know how many of these points have helped your decision making as to how to grow your business.

Remember we do best what we enjoy and feel passionate about.

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Gregory Reece-Smith MBA is the #1 best-selling author of The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony ( He helps executives, business owners and their families overcome the mental fog created by burn out, stress and decision making fatigue.

Instead to believe in themselves, their dream of what they know they can achieve. Moving beyond what others have said was out of reach.

Rather to create and live the destiny of freedom and flexible success they desire. He does this through shamanic and energetic practices to shift the beliefs that limit their lives and thus their world around them.

It is coaching others to create a life beyond what they had previously thought possible that brings Gregory joy. The clarity of which only became apparent when he read Ted McGrath´s foreword to The Seven Secrets - “Gregory Reece-Smith is a great transformational leader serving the planet. His insights are simple, yet powerful….he also has the compassion and heart of a true leader.

As you go on this journey with Gregory, you will discover new insights and awakenings about yourself, and you will come full circle to unleash your purpose here on earth…”
For the outsider often sees what we cannot from the inside.

It is coaching others to create a life beyond what they had previously thought possible that brings Gregory joy.

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