Angelina Jolie's bulging veins in her arms, Lindsay Lohan's freckles, and Megan Fox's thumb. Yes, guys--some of the most heavenly creatures you considered beautiful are not all...perfect.

If you think about what makes us beautiful, it can be our imperfections--those same things which makes us less perfect and unique. If you look at someone with perfect symmetry, bone structure and ideal proportions, sure, they can be eye-catching and surely attractive, but it can get boring sometimes, looking at them for such a long time. Sure, they captivate attention and make people take a second look, but that's it--after a while, it's no longer interesting, gradually, it becomes predictable.

The sight of perfection (since it's already so perfect and seem to be in place altogether already) makes you realize that there is no more to discover.

On the other hand, people get interested in the quirky, the unique and the unconventional. Plus, people love surprises every now and then, so some defects and flaws tend to interest us, so it wouldn't hurt to be somebody different for once.

But of course, I'll be a hypocrite if I'll say that I don't want to be beautiful or more "enhanced". I won't say that I don't admire someone blessed with better genes. Or do I say that I don't get attracted to a hunky guy who looks like my favorite actor.

What I'm trying to impart here is to accept yourself for who you are despite your flaws, it's okay to have some features or parts enhanced, but love yourself for who you are, you with your quirks, your uniqueness and your flaws.

Love your moles (Marilyn Monroe stood out for that), your petite height (Natalie Portman), your not too perfect smile (Madonna's gap teeth) and be known for that. Remember, your imperfections are what makes us beautiful!

Perhaps you should rethink about your botox treatment for your forehead, and simply laugh those brow lines away!

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