What do YOU believe are the 3 causes of all relationship problems?

* Inadequate Money?
* Not enough or too much Sex?
* Friends interfering?
* Family triangles and intrusions?
* Poor communication?
* Emotional Imbalance?

Relationships are more complex than many of us care to admit. We choose a person who attracts us because of the way they look, behave and feel. And, inevitably, as we get closer and know each other better, those very same previously wonderful qualities can become a thorn in our side.

What is going on? Has God played some mischievous trick on us? Has he, or she, given us these hormones and the ability to feel such strong emotions only to cause us misery and anguish as a result?

I believe that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, not physical bodies with a spiritual component. Therefore, life is really a type of school for us. We have lessons to learn. And there is no more important, valuable and precious lesson than that of learning to love.

If you believe that what I am saying is true, then what do you believe are the 3 causes of all relationship problems?

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