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Who Is An Online Business For?

If you experience that entrepreneurial "pull" at all, you have probably wondered about online marketing; what it takes, is there real opportunity and if you can do it?

We should rename the internet, to "Millionaire Maker". In the article titled, "5 Internet Millionaires Who Made Fortunes Out Of Thin Air", the author outlines the success of 5 normal people, like you and me, who have leveraged the internet and made themselves millionaires.

We live in a time unlike any other, where anybody with those qualities of successful entrepreneurs such as:

a great big why
sees the necessity of coaching and mentorship
isn't afraid to live on the edge of failure
can make a name for themselves and change their lifestyle.

There are 5 proven steps for creating an online business:

Targeted Advertising. The internet is the most popular place to advertise in the world. You can find anything online, and you can target any audience segment. In fact, this is probably the most essential step in any business, online and offline. Finding the audience that needs or wants your product is the most challenging and rewarding part of building your online business.

Lead Generating Websites. With today's technology, even the most untechnical of us can create a website in about 10-15 minutes. Bringing prospective customers or driving customers, as we say, to our website is the oxygen to our business. Whether it's our blog, product page, lead capture page, we need to be able to "capture" our prospective customers email address. This is then a "lead".

Build a List. Automation technology makes it possible to build an email list 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once this automation is in place, it functions on its own, even when you are sleeping. This is what makes an internet business so desirable.

Provide Value. This is a foundational business principle. If you don't provide value, your business will not sustain itself. Putting your customer/client first is a must. It will make you stand out amongst all the noise online. Providing value builds trust, a very valuable commodity online.

Quality Products. You must have a product, whether your own, or someone else's, that meets a need. If you want to be very successful online, your product needs to be in huge demand. This is where research comes into play.
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Your Business Is A Living Thing

While these points may be a little simplified, they are akin to the skeleton of your business. Many successful entrepreneurs refer to their businesses as a living thing, some a like a baby. The business requires a lot of time and care in order to be successful.

I heard an analogy the other day that your new business is like a new baby. A new baby is really just a blob of flesh (sorry mom's) that just lays there, eats and poops. It really doesn't give anything back yet. It takes nurturing and care to help it grow. You have to have THAT kind of passion and commitment, just like a parent, to be a successful entrepreneur, online or offline.

In my latest Motivational Blast, I spoke about entrepreneurship, why more of us need to consider becoming an entrepreneur and what it takes. ANYBODY can do it, you don't have to be born an entrepreneur. As Nike says, Just Do It!

If you have that spark, pull or passion for business, or you think you might, check out the online marketing training platform that I work with. This proven training helps with the business mindsets required, the tools and online marketing courses you need to develop your online presence. Click the link below for a free 7 day video series that will explain the training platform, as well as the opportunity that the internet offers us all.

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Author's Bio: 

I have been married for almost 34 years to the same wonderful, supportive, loving - yet sometimes taxing man! He would say the same of me! We have two fantastic kids whom we love with all our hearts and are very proud of, five super special grand kids, (I am a "Mimi" I have bragging rights) and two adorable canine adopted kids that let us live in the house with them. Not to mention many fish and corals that are part of my addictive reef keeping hobby.

I have a passion for business and anything entrepreneurial. I believe that small businesses of all kinds are the foundation of this country. I have, in fact, owned a brick & mortar business, and am now mastering internet marketing. I know how hard it is for small businesses to compete in this world economy. It takes a special type of person to be an Entrepreneur.