Playing sports is a healthy habit for the body. Not only does it give us a great variety of physical advantages, but it is also an ideal stimulus for mental health. And it is that practicing physical exercise helps us release tensions, increase the production of endorphins and promote a more active and full of well-being life. Within healthy sports, golf is one of them. Next, we will discover what the benefits of playing golf that are, surely, you did not know.

4 health benefits of golf

It is well known that doing sports regularly is a practice rather than healthy. But did you know that golf is also included in this category? And, although it does not seem like it, when you practice golf course you are activating your body and mind, doing so, that they work in a much more optimal way.

Here we leave you the 4 benefits of playing golf that you have to know. You will see that they are many and varied!

Golf reduces stress
It is one of the most outstanding advantages of this sport. The reason is that it is an exercise that, first of all, is practiced outdoors in a natural and relaxed environment. But, in addition, it is a type of sport that is leisurely, for which a great concentration is required and that will allow us to isolate from the mind any sign of stress and anxiety.

Ideal for anyone
Another benefit of playing golf is that, unlike other sports, this can be practiced by a large majority. It does not require a great physical form but, only, aim and concentration.

Golf is a practice that is highly recommended in older people, as it forces them to have an active life. Why? Because although the sport itself does not involve too much physical effort, the golf courses range in an average of 6 kilometers. Therefore, you will walk safely!

Golf is healthy for your mind and body
It is an exercise that is very optimal both to improve your body and your mind. It is a sport that takes place outdoors and, therefore, will help you better synthesize vitamin D (perfect for bones and blood circulation). In addition, with each stroke, the muscles of the legs and arms are worked, making them stronger and more toned.

Minimal Risk of Injuries
Another benefit of playing golf is that it is a practice that has hardly any risk of injury. This is ideal for people with a long history of back injuries or, also, for older people who do not want to endanger their health.
In fact, golf is the sport that has the lowest rate of injuries, so it is a perfect idea if what you want is to enjoy some time outdoors, with friends (or you alone) and enjoying an active life.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.