Fallopian tube blockage includes a knack

Fallopian tube obstruction is one of the most frequent forms of gynecological diseases. Many patients know that they've fallopian tube blockage, while the treatment solutions are very formulaic.

In fact, tubal obstruction just isn't terrible, so long as you match with an expert doctor, comply with scientific and reasonable treatment, the potential for cure is very high. What causes a tubal obstruction?

1. Adhesion impassability.
Among the types of tubal blockage, the blockage a result of stickiness is among the most difficult to find.

There are three kinds of blockage according to the development of the illness. The first is the adhesion from the uterine cap, second is the adhesion of the uterine horn junction, and the final may be the adhesion with the oviduct pot and umbrella mouth.

2. Inflammation impassability.
Inflammation in several other areas may also result in a tubal blockage. Most patients with tubal obstruction of this kind of inflammation also suffer from uterine enlargement, adnexitis or chronic pelvic inflammation.

3. A female constitution isn't good.
The female constitution just isn't good, often has Qi and blood deficiency, spleen and kidney deficiency symptoms, will result in the vitality of oviduct peristalsis reduced, follicles can not swim smoothly in to the uterine cavity, if pregnant, then it is likely to appear abortion or stop the continuing development of symptoms.

4. Different blockages from the fallopian tube due to extrusion are often due to fat, cyst or myoma.

5. The effusion is obstructed.
After the tubal inflammation, it is going to form inflammation effusion. Over time, these inflammatory effusions will probably modify the patency from the fallopian tube.

In view with the obstruction of the fallopian tube a result of stickiness, based on the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, we need to mainly promote the circulation of blood and remove blood stasis.

Before menstruation, the main reason for treatment is to market blood circulation and remove blood stasis. If you suffer from tubal obstruction a result of inflammation, you are going to feel prickling pain on both sides of the lower abdomen.

If the inflammation from the female body occurs, there'll be premenstrual menstruation or continuous dripping, menstrual blood blackening or blood clots along with other phenomena.
After menstruation, treatment measures will probably be changed, mainly to ease inflammation, supplemented by cooling blood.

Some herbal formulas are highly powerful in detaching the blockage and adhesions, and even make fallopian tubes work well. Fuyan Pill manufactured by Dr. Lee Xiaoping may be patented like a answer to multiple gynecological conditions, which creates hydrosalpinx and will unblock the tube after two or three months of medication.

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Tubal blockage is likely to cause infertility for many women. In fact, modern medical means can be solved. In addition, tubal blockage is tantamount to non-ovulation? And what causes the blockage?