Sometimes, knowing what you’re looking for
in a woman can be quite difficult.
And if you’re one of them,
don’t get discouraged.
It truly isn’t as difficult
as you may think to find the right woman for you.

The very first thing you must do
is resign to be very open-minded.
You need to cast aside all the standards
that you may have been using
and start from scratch.

Forget what all your buddies and homies say is attractive.
Never mind what you see in
the lingerie commercials on television.
You’ll want to start with the very basics
of what makes two people compatible,
not two lovers, but two people in general,
in order to find what kind of person works for you.

In order to find out what you are really looking for
in a woman, you need to take the time
to consider the complete person,
not just the body.
You need to take into consideration things
like personality, interests,
ambition and then looks.
You’re probably wondering why
I listed those traits in the order I did.

If you consider looks first
it will tend to cloud your judgment
on all the other traits.
Men tend to be very easily visually stimulated.
For this reason, what excites them
at first sight tends to be what they think they want.

However, if you consider what you want
in the other areas,
the looks may not be so important.
You may find that a woman
with a great personality that likes football
and racing as much as you do
and who takes her career
as a human resources director seriously,

but who happens to be a brunette
with only an average build,
would suit you just fine.
Personality, intelligence, ambition,
sense of humor and interests
play a much bigger role in attraction
than just physical appearance.

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Hello there, my name is Treena (Smiley) Murphy
I am a part time blogger, writer, and internet marketer.
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