Men health is a big project in medicine. Testicle is one of the most indispensable reproductive organs in men. It is responsible for producing sperm. Hence, the male fertility will be affected if the testicle is infected by some factors.

Clinically, orchitis is often induced by bacteria and virus, if left unsolved, it will have a negative influence on other part of the male body, leading to many unwanted problems. If it is not solved in time, do you know its results?

Orchitis will give rise to pain and swelling in testicle, and the pain will be severer during or after sexual intercourse. The long-time painful sensation may decrease the libido and lose the sexual function gradually. Thus, the intimate relationship will be affected.

What’s more, the unsolved orchitis will result in various complications, usually including varicocele, prostatitis, endocrine diseases, kidney diseases, urinary tract infections, and malignant tumor.

Male infertility is a problem that male patients refuse to face but they may experience if things goes wrong. Orchitis can also result in poor sperm and even dead sperm which further incur male infertility. Moreover, the infection may spread to their sexual partners and induce gynecological diseases.

Doctors warn that the long-term effects of orchitis can greatly reduce sufferers’ life quality and the conditions will be more difficult to cure. So you can not take it sightly.

To achieve a better recovery, men should pay more attention to the signs and symptoms of this disease. Once noticing some of the symptoms occurring, it is imperative to go see a doctor without hesitation.

Anyway, a proper therapy should be taken. Sufferers are supposed to take the entire course of the medicine even if the symptoms have been improved to make sure the infection is cleared up completely.

But as the most commonly-used medicine for orchitis, the therapeutic effect of antibiotics is not always satisfying. Many sufferers complain that the symptoms will relapse after they stop taking antibiotics. In some cases, antibiotics will be useless in a long-term therapy because of the induced drug resistance in bacteria. To solve this problem, sufferers need to use other medications.

The good news is that there are still many therapies for sufferers with orchitis, and the herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is one of the most effective options for this illness. It is mainly used to deal with male urinary and reproductive system illnesses including orchitis.

As it also can cure other problems like prostatitis and urinary tract infections, the complications induced by orchitis can also be solved. The herbs in the pill can react well on the elimination of the symptoms and the root causes. So this pill is a good therapy option for sufferers with orchitis. If needed, you can take the pill for your body recovery.

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