In order to create a selling process there are specific questions you can ask to help people move through a co-creational energetic process.

It is a formula. It requires a bit of a mindset shift to add structure to what you normally think of as just talking to people.

The first part of the formula is to align your own energy. It is very effective in one on one personal connections and it can be adapted to any situation.

Before you begin communicating with someone, for example, at a speaking engagement, an interview or sales opportunity or on the telephone, you can line up your energy.

How do you do that?

First begin by partnering with your inner guidance in order to get connected intentionally at a heart level. You want to bring your intentions in.

*What kind of intentions do you have?
*Do you want to help them to explore more?
*Do you want to serve them and be detached from the outcome?
*Why not say that?

You want to be clear about what you want to happen in the experience before you have the experience. You are not focusing on the exact outcome but more on the essences. How do you want to feel?

What you want to feel is the essence! You want to clearly identify how you’ll feel through the process. This is pre-paving before you have a conversation.

This part of the formula is aligning your personal energy. In all of this you are stating your desire to connect to your inner guidance in the conversation and to include that higher guidance in the experience to guide your words and your questions to guide the other person to their highest good!

At the end, let go of any attachment to specific ways to how it’ll all work out and ask for inspired actions from your highest guidance.

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