It’s 10PM, Do You Know Where Your Grandparents Are?
It may sound like a silly question because of course, the sons and daughters of baby boomers usually do know where their grandparent(s) are on any given night at 10PM: AT HOME AND ASLEEP!
However, they probably don’t share much of the responsibilities and concerns their parents are faced with when it comes to dealing with their own aging parents and the health issues that accompany it. Their impromptu calls to Granny or Gramps when their schedules permit, and their loving respect are hugely cherished by all.
They might very well be in the troughs of paying off college loans, finding and paying for childcare expenses, looking for ways to secure and pay for basic health care insurance for themselves and their own families or just making ends meet so to speak.
This beloved group of “mo’opunas” , the Hawaiian word for “Grandchild” which is what I like to call them, would probably start laughing if anyone suggested the benefits of looking into Extended Care Insurance for seniors. It may not be feasible, practical or even possible to consider such a thing now, but it may stick in the back of their minds for the future or possibly make them think about their own mortality and the importance of living a healthier lifestyle.
More importantly, when they’re made aware that their grandparents may one day soon need help with navigating everyday life issues and require an assisted living environment, they may become inspired to participate and they come equipped with an insight their parents never had.
Most mo’opunas have special bonds with their grandparents. Their relationships transcend all levels the mother/child or father/child relationship could ever imagine. They enjoy cherished, “special” relationships. They trade little secrets one would never discuss with their parents. They tend to touch on emotions and matters of the heart rather than practical issues and advice. Their shared conversations seem to skip censorship and get right to the matter of things. They can say things to their grandparents that no one else would dare and vice versa. They tend to think of their grandparents more as people with their own personalities and desires as opposed to a “parent figure.”
This could be a wonderful and most useful time for the mo’opunas to participate and be of great assistance in helping everyone in the family arrive at a comfortable place regarding Assisted Living Los Angeles arrangements for their aging loved one.
They could help make a list of things their grandparents want in an assisted living home: (privacy or poker chips), what they really want to take with them: (beer and their old TV in the cabinet with the antenna), and there’s a very good chance they’ll also know what they’re afraid of and how this transition really makes them feel. Oh, and they probably know their grandparents are really watching late night TV at 10PM, and not asleep!

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By Gloria Ha'o Schneider

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Gloria Ha'o Schneider is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer who has written advertising / sales and product development copy for major gift industry companies, website content, greeting cards and merchandising copy, senior-related issues and has a passion for writing human-interest stories. Assisted Living Houston is a great source for information while looking for Houston Assisted Living!
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