The love of self is strong and powerful. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Everything starts with you. Every part of your life comes from you. The people in your life are from you. You are the one who chooses the experiences and events in your life. You are the one who allows certain people into your life. With this in mind, wouldn’t you want everything to start from a place of love? You are the creator of your own reality. When you create from love, what do you think the outcome will be?

So many people in the world do not love who they are and they pay the consequences for it. They live unhealthy, unhappy, miserable, and even violent lives. Some even afflict pain upon themselves because they cannot stand to be in their own skin. They live with addictions and abuse because they think they deserve it.

Do you really believe you chose to come into this physical experience to endure pain? No, you did not. None of us did. Unfortunately, from the moment we are born we have everyone telling us what to do and not do. What is right and what is wrong. Our own unique self is lost at a very early age. Like a ball of clay, we are molded into what is expected.

I honestly do not believe it is necessary to go back through the details of your past in order to figure out where it went wrong. What good is that going to do anyways? You do not need to dredge up pain in order to feel good. When you feel good, you feel good. There is no pain. It is when we allow the self-criticism, self-doubt, or self-hatred to creep in that we fall back into what we know best and that is a negative and unhappy experience.

I understand that there are some gut wrenching reasons why people cannot love themselves and it is through NO fault of their own. Those who have been beaten, raped, traded for drugs, abandoned, and/or mentally abused by the people who are SUPPOSE to love them are the ones who suffer the most because they never had a chance. But they/you have a chance NOW!

The only opinion of yourself that matters is your own. You do NOT need anyone else’s opinion, NO ONE’S! You are pure perfection. You were created THROUGH LOVE and so YOU ARE LOVE. This can NEVER be taken away from you. It is a part of who you really are! Are you hearing this? Do you understand what I am telling you? You ARE and will ALWAYS be LOVE and LOVED – completely, wholly and unconditionally!

How do you love yourself if you don’t already? You make yourself your number one priority. You nurture and care for yourself as you would a newborn. You give to yourself the things that YOU need. The things that will make you feel good and make you happy. You are kind to yourself and you look in the mirror with appreciation for who you are. When you make a mistake, you forgive yourself. You find compassion for yourself and the wrongs you may have committed. You laugh and have fun. You respect yourself and expect others to respect you as well. You love yourself for exactly who you once were, who you are today, and who you are becoming.

When you begin the process of self-love, your life will start to change and so will the people in it. You can always tell where you are by the experiences and people who show up. Trust me when I say, once you turn that corner, the pain will begin to subside, and you WILL be happy!

Love yourself enough to be who you really want to be. Follow your own heart. Do what inspires you and enlightens you. Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive and add to your experience, not take away from it. Love yourself from the inside out. If you create from love, it will never go wrong!

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Cindy is a Personal Development Life Coach. Her knowledge and expertise comes from 20 years of study, personal life experiences, and from working as a community volunteer and mentor. Cindy coaches people towards finding their own personal power through inner awareness; guiding them along their own unique path toward true happiness and life fulfillment. To learn more about Cindy go to Personal Blog go to