Fact: If you don't market your coaching services it doesn't matter how good you feel you are ... you won't have any business. That may come across as being pretty obvious but I'm constantly amazed at how many coaches think that the world is going to beat a path to their door simply becase they are good at what they do.

Let me share the top 3 mistakes that coaches make when attempting to market their coaching business.

Mistake #1 - Lack of Visibility

You can actually be the greatest at what you do as a coach, but if you're not visible to the people that need what you have to offer, thn you'll continue to struggle to get results

Mistake #2 - Lack of Interest for Your Coaching Services

You may be able to get in front of the people that need what you have to offer but not have a solid plan for generating interest. Its important to be able to generate interest because what does it count for if I know about you but I'm not interested enough to meet with you.

This is tha sad truth for many coaches and you may be one of them.

Mistake #3 - Conversion

This is the third and final major mistake coaches make when it comes to marketing their coaching.

What you need to do in this stage i.e. after becoming visible to your ideal target market and client and generatin ginterest for what you have to offer, the mistake you need to avoid is not aving the skills to have selling discussions.

You must learn how to sell. If you hate seling and you want to be successful here's some advice for you ... "Get over it!"

You can do this. You can become a successful coach but you need to eliminatethe 3 mistakes I've just shared with you from your world.

Can you do that?

Remember, the world is waiting to be blessed by YOU and what YOU have to offer.

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