If you ride a two-wheeler, you must have definitely used a branded motorcycle helmet before. There isn’t much that might seem interesting about using helmets. Helmets are quite simple and straight forward, all you have to do is put in on your head and keep it on throughout the course of your ride, but there are basic things that can go wrong and many people are quite oblivious of the fact that they are making these simple mistakes regarding helmet safety. let's take a look at some of the most common mistakes regarding helmet safety.

Not wearing a helmet at all

The first most obvious mistake that people make with helmets, is not wearing them at all! Is quite common to see people on the road with bandanas on their heads instead of helmets! Others do not wear helmets because it messes up their hairstyle. if you are guilty after same mistake, whatever be your result, try to change it as soon as possible because it can have a direct impact on your life that can lead to major injuries which could have been simply avoided just be wearing helmet. wearing a helmet that is old and dilapidated is better not wearing any help at all full stops make sure that you are wearing a branded helmet even if it has become old and the colors have started to come off.

Wearing an old helmet

Helmets are made in such a way that they continue to be useful for at least 7-8 years if you maintain it properly. But after that, it starts showing signs of ageing and also the structural integrity of the Helmet becomes compromised. So, if you have been using the same element for more than 7 years now, it might be time to replace it with a new one. When you are in the market to purchase a brand-new premium helmet, look for products that are featuring the latest safety and comfort features and get the best product for your budget.

Using a helmet with scratched visor

You need to see clearly when you are wearing helmet special event is dark, or feasibility condition has become compromised due to a cloudy Sky. For that, you need the visor to be scratch free. Motorcycle helmet visors are made with polycarbonate materials come which are susceptible to scratches after prolonged period of usage. If the helmet visor has become full of scratches, you can easily replace it with a new one by visiting any motorcycle accessory shop near you, are you placing the old are made with new branded full-face helmet that comes with dual visor for both bright sunny conditions come as well as dark conditions. Another thing that you need to take care of while purchasing a new branded helmet yes to go with an anti-fogging visor technology which prevents the possibility of fogging in cold conditions.

Ignoring the need for right size

It's quite common to see people riding 2 Wheelers using a helmet that does not fit their head properly. Remember that wearing loose fitting helmet is equivalent of not wearing helmet at all! In the event of an accident, the physical impact while dislodged helmet from your head and fly off! So, always make sure to have a helmet that fits properly on your head. Getting a good fitting helmet, it's very simple, all you have to do is ask the helmet shopkeeper to help you out with different sizes, or for purchasing it online, measure the circumference of your forehead before placing the order.

Not wearing a certified helmet

Helmet certificates are important. Non certified helmets might be cheaper, but they are of no use at all! If the help comes with all the necessary certifications, it is a testimony of the fact that the helmet manufacturer to call precautions and followed all guidelines in making the Helmet as safe and comfortable as possible. Products designed by the best helmet manufacturers in India come with ISI certification which gives you the best value for your money, and is also capable of protecting the head in the event of an accident.

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