Renting a storage unit is a big deal, due to the fact that you are storing your things there. You need to take into account every little aspect of it, if you want your things to be safe. We’ve written this article to give you some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your storage unit. Public storage New Rochelle is what you need, in case you haven’t found the perfect one yet.

How can I determine the price of the unit?

The price is based on how much you use and for how long. The contracts are usually month-to-month. This is actually a very good deal since you can store things temporarily or long-term. It’s convenient and contracts that offer full-service storage facilities – the one in which they come and move your stuff – usually vary from company to company. Some of them will insist on a 3-month minimum.

How should I choose it?

When choosing a storage unit, make sure you also take into account the accessibility. Make sure they offer 24-hour access to the storage unit. Also, make sure they are open on Sunday and also check out the holiday's timetable. Also, climate control is important. See how many locks it has, and ask about video monitoring. Don’t forget to make sure they also have a guard there at all times.

Read the contract very carefully and see which are the sizes that they offer. Make sure you know all the details about pricing. The overall safety and security of the facility is very important.

Don’t forget to look into the little things, too, like the lightning of the facility. And always read online reviews of the facility.

Do I really need a climate-controlled unit?

The answer is yes, especially if you store clothes and furniture. Most of the services also include climate control. It will definitely protect your belongings from the bad weather, humidity or any other temperature condition. If you have a climate control unit, you’ll also be able to stay away from mold, mildew and all the conditions that you’d usually like to avoid in a storage unit.

What are the things that I can store in a unit?

Of course, the most common things to store is any kind of household good. If you want to store a specific item, like a boat, you can do that — also, cars, motorcycles and RVs. You can also store large furniture items; however, for that, you might need to rent another unit, as well.

Should I get insurance for my stuff?

The answer is yes. You will be able to sleep better at night, and you will also be able to replace any of the items that get stolen or broken while they’re in the storage. You should know that some facilities offer protection for your items, for free, against damage or loss. Most of the facilities also come with their own cheaper self-storage insurance.

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