If you ask most people about their most difficult challenge when organizing their home, you're likely to hear paper mentioned as one of their primary problems. In today's busy world, most people simply have more paper in their homes than they know what to do with. Although many of us dream of achieving a "paperless" lifestyle, for most of us, it's just that - an unattainable dream. However, just because you're forced to deal with a lot of paper in your life, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to clutter your home and cause problems. Sometimes all it takes is a filing cabinet or two in order to get your household paper problem under complete control.

What Can a Filing Cabinet Do for You?

If you've always thought that filing cabinets were just for companies or for individuals who run small businesses out of their homes, think again. The fact is, almost anyone can benefit from having a filing cabinet. Filing cabinets can provide the perfect storage space for important papers, providing you with an area where they can be safe and organized. They are also handy for storing everyday household paperwork, such as the user manuals for appliance and electronic devices. If you have children in the home, why not teach them good organizational skills early by providing each of them with their own small filing cabinet? They'll learn how to keep their papers organized while feeling "grown-up" at the same time.

Choosing the Perfect Filing Cabinet

Once you've decided that a filing cabinet is the answer to your paper organizing needs, you'll have to choose the style that will work best for you and your family. When shopping for filing cabinets, you'll find that there are actually a surprising number of different sizes and styles from which to choose. If you live alone and only have a relatively small amount of paper that you need to organize, you might be able to get by with a small two-drawer style. However, if you're trying to organize the paperwork of a larger family or if you run a small business from your home, you'd probably be better off with a large lateral filing cabinet or a taller four or even five-drawer upright filing cabinet.

When choosing a filing cabinet style, it's important to give some thought as to where you plan to put it. In smaller rooms, upright filing cabinet styles can save on floor space while still providing plenty of storage space. In a larger home office, a lateral filing cabinet can work well. Because they are low to the ground, you'll be able to easily access every inch of your filing space from the comfort of your office desk chair.

Organizing Your Filing Cabinet

Once you've chosen a filing cabinet, you'll want to take the time to get it set up and organized to fit your needs. In most cases, all you'll need is a good supply of hanging folders, file dividers and plastic tabs. Depending on how much paper you need to store, you can choose between simple hanging folders and "box-bottom" style folders that can hold a lot more paper. You'll also want to decide upon a filing strategy that works well for you and your family. Once your filing cabinet is set up, simply transfer all your household paperwork into the neatly marked folders, and enjoy a more organized way of life.

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