“Do you need More Energy About 3PM? Done.”
• 1. Mike: “Pop, tell me something new, about acing school?”
• 2. Me: “This is the best strategy, baby-easy 30-second exercise, in the past 10-years. It’s a Stress-Buster, and reboots your Life-Energy.
• Takes half-a-minute & you can do it yourself without a Guru. Some students do it 3x a day, others only once when they require an ‘energy-boost’.
• 3. Mike: “You tested this system at your workshops, and it didn’t kill anybody? Most of your best exercises are from Yoga, right?”
• 4. Me: “Right, about 2,000 years old. The name is Thymus-Thump, thymos from Greek, meaning energy.
• Located in the middle of your upper breastbone. The Thymus gland has 2-lobes (tissue) in behind your throat.
• Tarzan of the jungle, apes, & chimps thump (beat) their Thymus. It’s so easy it will seem familiar. The results are powerful. Do you have 30-seconds to energize yourself on-demand?”
• 5. Mike: “I like quick & easy to learn. Best of all, fast results like an aspirin. Show me Pop.”
• 6. Me: The introduction takes a couple of minutes, but the exercise is fun, fast and effective in a millisecond.”
• Your thymus gland is directly involved with your Immune system. It produces T-Cells for health & survival.”
• 7. Mike: “Excuse me, but WIIFM? (What’s in it for me?)”
• 8. Me: “You can use it whenever you need an energy-boost, when you feel anxious, panicky or even tired. It helps add 73% to your long-term memory, adds 15% to your comprehension, and doubles your Attention-Span, OK?”
• 9. Mike: “How about improving my testing?”
• 10. Me: “Do a Mind Experiment and discover for yourself. Different people use it for their own purposes. But the fact is, this strategy (simple system) produces positive results time-and-time again.
• 11. Mike: “Ok, How do I do it?”
• 12. Me: “No deep explanation, just step-by-step. Remember your “Intention” is the critical attitude. Example: ‘I am doing the thymus-thump to ace my SATs,
Or to win your job interview, or do a great presentation.”
• 13. Mike: “First step please.”
• 14. Me: “Tip of your tongue raised and touching the back of your upper teeth. Keep it there for the 30 seconds.
• 15. Mike: “I’m there, but it’s hard to talk.”
• 16. Me: “Great, stop talking.”
• Step 2: “Next, Rise Up on your toes to Elongate your spine. You are freeing up your vertebrae to expand & relax. Up-and-down – twice does it.”
• 17. Mike: “Nothing to it. Next Pop?”
• 18. Me: “Four quick Diaphragmatic breaths. Inhale and on exhaling, chant ‘Hum-m’, four-times. You relax & program your heart for a healthy heartbeat & your lungs for an increase of Oxygen & Glucose.”
• 19. Mike: “I use that breathing all-the-time to calm down before an exam.”
• 20. Me: “Now make a fist with both hands. Keep a Smile on your face (teeth & eyes). Make believe you’re Tarzan of the Apes & beat your chest for 15 seconds.
• Stop for 5 seconds, and do a second set of thumping or tapping for 15 more seconds. Get a 1-2-3 rhythm and don’t hurt yourself. Now test yourself.”
• 21. Mike: “Makes me want to laugh.”
• 22. Me: “Great, that’s part of exciting your thymus gland. Laugh as you thump. Can you keep your tongue up and
Chant, “Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha” until you really laugh?”
• 23. Mike: “Sure, I’m a brainiac. “Ha-Ha-double Ha-Ha”. Thirty-seconds, right. It’s easy and I already feel better.”
• 24. Me: “Last behavior and we’re done. Can you visualize yourself having a good time? Pretend you’re at the beach on a beautiful day? Visualization adds about 35% more energy to your exercise.”
• 25. Mike: “What if I forget it later and leave it out?”
• 26. Me: “The Thymus Thump works anyway. The secret is in you Tapping-Scratching or Thumping your chest.”
• 27. Mike: “Is that all there is?”
• 28. Me: “Done, your personal MAGIC is in implementing, & the experience itself. Mike, it’s trial-and-error. Do the Thymus Thump until you feel the improvement in your mind-body connection. Got it Mike?”

• For Brainiacs only: Did you know it is a tested & proven scientific fact that “whatever is measured improves”? Keep track in writing each time you use the Thymus Thump and you’ll feel these effects improve your life.”
P.S. Albert Einstein said: “Make things as simple as possible. But NO simplier.” Send me an email with your idea of what Al meant by “No-simplier” and win a valuable gift.
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