Spiritual practices help in recovery from substance abuse

The concept of spirituality is one issue that many addicts grapple with when they enter into a drug addiction treatment program. For individuals who have just begun the path to recovery and do not identify with any religion, the idea of a higher power can be challenging. However, for persons who are religious and acknowledge God as their higher power, the idea of spirituality or spirituality can make sense.

Importance of spirituality in addiction recovery

Addiction causes people to lose touch with their spirituality. If you want to recover from an addiction, you will need to reconnect with your spirituality and with your search for a purpose in life. So, how addiction does takes away your spirituality?

A research by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism shows that spiritually focused addiction treatment programs result in up to a 10 percent higher self-restraint rate than any other form of treatment. A treatment that is a perfect combination of psychological, social, spiritual and physical needs assures speedy recovery from addiction.

Drug addiction and alcoholism take away your ability to make choices as everything you do is centered on drug or alcohol use. Your entire focus is on the substance of abuse: how, when and where to get it from. After getting the substance, you spend a lot of your time using it and recovering from its use. With spirituality, you will be able to choose for yourself, decide on your belief and explore the meaning and purpose of connecting with a power beyond yourself.

Addiction also prevents us from changing and growing. In most cases, the life of an addict is usually chaotic, uncertain and random. Addiction prevents you from being true to yourself and from growing. Spirituality, on the other hand, is all about changing, evolving and growing. Addiction also takes away your ability to experience wonder, awe and surprise. Once you connect yourself with God, you will start to experience awe and power. On top of this, you will be able to handle major challenges that cause addiction. When you are faced with a stressful situation, you will be able to hand it over to God in faith. You will also find a source of hope, faith and love in God.

It is also worth noting that many women research centers and treatment programs recognize the fact that it is not possible to recover from alcoholism/addiction without the help of a higher power, who is God. And like the bible states in John 8:36, “Whoever the Son sets free is free is indeed”, it is only when we hand over our addiction problem to a higher power (God) that He will be able to set us free. Therefore, once you discover and acknowledge that you have an addiction problem, the next step should be to reconnect with the supreme power. To know more about it check http://www.alternativesintreatment.com/blog-page-posts/spirituality-addi....

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Kitt Wakeley is a partner at Vizown, a women’s treatment center in Oklahoma. He is extremely passionate and determined to help women overcome their addictions and live a clean, wholesome, happy life.