The search for vitamins for depression and anxiety is becoming more widespread, and should you be surprised? It may be alarming, but not at all surprising. Think of these factors:

* Competition. This is not to say that competition is bad. If it is meant to bring out the best in a person, you can say that competition is a good thing. But sometimes, people take it the wrong way. They see it as a means to outshine or outdo one another. The stand-out-or-fail attitude is causing them a lot of stress in the process. If they can't deal with it squarely and fairly, they will soon launch into a depressive state. Anxiety attacks may also be a consequence. Such people may need vitamins for depression and anxiety to control the problem.

* Multitasking. It looks like people these days have more things up their sleeves. If they were an octopus, they are not going to feel so stressed out, but having only two hands to do a million things at the same time is just impossible without you losing your sense and sensibility. But multitasking appears to be the name of the game at this time with fewer manpower to handle the job.

* Fast pace of living. Gone are the days when people took time to smell the flowers, to enjoy leisure walks, to breathe in the beauty of nature. These days, you see people always in a hurry, too busy to look up and offer a smile.

All these factors contribute to the development of depression and anxiety, but just because you are part of this modern era, it does not mean that there is nothing you can do to escape the situation. But, here are some tips to keep you out of the rut:

* Change your attitude. Get competition to work to your advantage, not against you. There is a thing called friendly competition. You can never be a loser for as long as you know that you have done your best.

* Manage your time well. De-clutter, organize, even your thoughts. Make a to-do list everyday, if possible, and try to go on schedule. Even if you multi-task, you will still be able to do your job well if you know how to manage your time.

* Take coffee breaks in between your work. What are coffee breaks for if you don't take advantage of them, right? Coffee breaks are authorized by the company to give you some free time away from your desk. Use these times to relax and to re-organize your thoughts.

* Pamper yourself. Have a day off once every two weeks or once a month. Get spa treatment. Go window shopping.

* Schedule a vacation. Aren't employees entitled to vacation leave with pay? So are homeworkers. Take a long drive, or book a trip to an exciting destination. Go on, you deserve it.

And, if you sense that you are no longer your usual energetic self, if you feel that you need to do more than what you are already doing and are capable of doing, and especially if you feel depressed, low, or are having panic attacks, go see a specialist at once. Your doctor may then prescribe vitamins for depression and anxiety.

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