Do you have a song that’s really special to you? Maybe it’s “Let It Be” or some love oriented song. There is some reason that it’s a significant song for you.

It’s something vibrationally in how they put the song together. It translates into a feeling for you.

Have you heard that we use only 10% of our brain? One of your potential skill sets, like learning many languages, is telepathically reading energy and minds.

You have that ability, but you’re not currently using it. You’re turning on those parts of your brain now whenever you activate new thoughts.

Hold the intention that you want to feel good and serve others. Let go of any attachment to a specific outcome in your encounters with people.

Human beings get a lot more out of learning when they do something with it!

When you are talking to someone and you know they have a problem that you have the solution to, think of this in terms of the serving you are going to give to that person.

Something happened because of those problems or issues and there is a feeling that the person has because of the problem or challenge. That turns into an implication. Something is activated in them.

That is where the vibrational energy match happened – a match to you.

It’s really when the person comes to an awareness in themselves…like a light bulb switching on.

On a vibrational energy match level to you they are aware: “Yes, I have a challenge or issue or something I’m wanting.”

They feel energy around wanting to change that, to take action on that. They think “ I know that when I do I’m going to feel the way I want to feel.”

You can help people align to take actions that are more in alignment with feeling that feeling. All kinds of things can happen energetically for them. From a serving standpoint, that is how you are guided to get inside the energy of people.

You can help because often these people don’t realize that the problem/challenge/issue they have contains these implications.

As you are connecting with them, you are holding the energy for them to be how they want to be. You are really getting into the energy with them and helping to activate the awareness in them of the possibilities available to them that you can offer.

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