Having the traits of an entrepreneur is a good start for anyone with aspirations of building a successful business on the internet! Most who choose to work online do so alone therefore your business success will be highly dependent upon the efforts of just YOU and not a 'team' of fellow employees! If you're still reading I guess perhaps you feel you got what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur on the internet!

Read further to see if you got the following 3 attributes your business success will require online!


As mentioned above, in the vast majority of cases many of the businesses you see on the internet are run by just one person! Think about what that means for just one moment! Every tasks that needs to be completed and every change that needs to be made are the responsibility of just that one person! Having the ability or better yet the willingness to take full responsibility for the completion or even the alteration of any and all functions involved in running a successful business takes self motivation! Remember you won't have the 'luxury' of people reminding you what needs to be done and when, nor will others be there to encourage or motivate you! The successful entrepreneur is able to function without the direction or encouragement of the people around them! Does this sound like you?


Self doubt can erode at the efforts of even the most motivated person leading them to eventually quit their efforts! Worse yet is the seeds of doubt that others may plant that can push you further from and not closer to your business success! When 'going it alone' no doubt self motivation is a definite asset but that's not always enough. Having confidence in not only your own abilities but also the direction you're taking is a critical component in the psychological make-up of every successful entrepreneur! This unshakeable confidence will help see you through set backs and those periods of frustration that are a natural part of building just about any successful business!


As we just 'touched upon' above your business success will NOT come without plenty of set backs or periods of frustration! In fact when working alone these feelings can easily magnify due to a lack of 'outside' encouragement and when this happens the temptation to walk away grows! The successful entrepreneur must be willing to work through these times and correct any mistakes made while also learning from them! Without this relentlessness you will NOT succeed, period!

Possessing the traits of an entrepreneur is essentially a requirement for anyone trying to build a successful business online! The biggest advantage of working on the internet is the low overhead and access to automation thereby allowing you to work alone. The 'drawback' to this is your business success is reliant upon the efforts of just YOU and without the support of others! As a result it is important to 'evaluate' yourself in terms of having the 3 attributes every successful entrepreneur possesses as discussed above! If you measure up, your business success awaits, and if you find yourself lacking in these areas you may be a candidate for a little self improvement beforehand!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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