Despite the fact that fridges are extraordinary preservers of sustenance like eggs and drain, they're not by any stretch of the imagination important for putting away a large number of different things. Yet, how would you know which items can survive and flourish at room temperature and which can't? With the assistance of science, we've gathered together a rundown of the main 20.


As per the Farmers' Almanac, these delicious organic products are best kept at room temperature; chilling them to underneath 12 degrees Celsius (or 54 degrees Fahrenheit) bargains the red treats' flavor and surface


Salty nourishment spreads like Marmite can be put away on racks for a while. Research demonstrates the product’s high salt substance will shield it from going mildew covered. (Salt goes about as an additive!)

Ketchup (and most different toppings)

Individuals banter whether this topping ought to be kept in the ice chest or pantry, however it truly comes down to taste: do you like your ketchup chilly or at room temperature? Since the red fluid is high in sodium, it very well may be put away on a rack for about multi month.


Bananas are another hot catch “should-you-place them-in-the-fridge” sustenance thing, however the appropriate response by and by boils down to individual inclination. Science has discovered the maturing procedure of bananas backs off when the natural product is presented to cool temperatures; which means bananas kept in the refrigerator will remain moderately unripe. On the off chance that you need yours to be more yellow than green, keep them on the counter.


The fragile herb loses its flavor and surface when presented to cool temperatures, so keeping it in the ice chest is a major no-no. You ought to either develop it as a plant or dry the leaves or glimmer solidify them.


This little green organic product is accustomed to developing in warm temperatures, so placing one in the cooler will moderate the aging procedure route down. Avocados last between a few days in the ice chest; from that point forward, their flavor and surface moves toward becoming traded off.

Bread (and other sticky things like bagels)

There is nothing superior to anything gnawing into a bit of crisp heated bread—and nothing more terrible than doing likewise to a piece that’s been pulled from the refrigerator. The common fixings that go into batter don’t charge well in cool temps, so placing cuts in the ice chest dries them out. Store your portion on a rack.


Potatoes don’t flourish in cool atmospheres, be they sweet or customary. Why? As per the Farmers’ Almanac, low temperatures wreak devastation on the food’s common starches, which means they develop old and lose enhance when refrigerated. The association prompts that individuals store them in a paper sack at room temp.


The National Coffee Association says coffee’s most prominent foes are “air, dampness, warm and light.” Since coolers are pressed with moistness, they ought to be considered a no-go for capacity. The association recommends beans be put away in sealed shut holders.

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