I'm sure you know that if your spouse is cheating, something is twisted in their perspective both on life and on your marriage.
That much is obvious.

The fact of the matter is that normal people capable of healthy communication don't need to cheat - They can talk about their problems, cooperate in working towards a solution, and most of all they can resist the temptation of infidelity.

It's not like infidelity only tempts some people in some marriages – Adultery is an ever present temptation that has always been there for all couples since the beginning of time. The difference now is that we, as a country, have adopted a much less sacred view of marriage.
But that's a whole different article, and it's been said many times before.

Regardless, there is one thing for sure. Right now, your spouse isn't in a normal state of mind.

What's Going Through Your Spouse's Head?

When your spouse is cheating on you, they are only thinking about themselves.

I mean think about it...Your spouse isn't really and truly a malicious person, or in other words, they're probably not cheating just to hurt you.

They're cheating because the only person that they're thinking about right now is themselves. Honestly, your feelings and your emotions truly have an ear and cross their minds, which is a terrible thing for a spouse, but true none the less.

If They're Cheating, they Likely Feel Invincible
Naturally, when the only person you're thinking about as yourself, you for sure begin to develop a little bit of any ego.

Your spouse's affair is probable making them feel stronger, more vibrant, livelier, and generally better than ever. Or at the very least good enough to justify (to themselves) continuing to cheat.

The downside to this self centeredness comes once the narcissism sets in...Your spouse starts to feel invincible and will start to make mistakes. Mistakes are what get you proof of cheating, and often will lead to you catching a cheater Red-handed.

If They Feel Invincible, They'll Treat You as Stupid

This is the obvious next step with your spouse start to get that big head on their shoulders. They're the most important person in their lives, and you start to notice it in your home life.
They may start treating you worse because they think of themselves so much better.

Many times this will come out in little bitty spurts that a non suspicious spouse may playoff as too much stress or a bad day at work...But you know better.

You can identify condescension when you see it, and if that's what your spouse is doing, then you should be on the lookout for more signs of cheating.

Why is this Good For You?

As I said before, this all sounds like a really terrible thing, and surely it is, but the upside to it is that when your spouse feels invincible they also make mistakes. It's only a matter of time until the next accident happens, or your spouse has a lapse in judgement and leaves evidence of cheating lying around.

You just have to be there to find it.

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