Every living thing, whether plant or animal, is called a sentient being. That being said, a sentient being is one that feels. Do plants have feelings? This is something I’m looking into on a scientific basis. I know this may sound strange (but maybe not to you who are in tune with nature), but we can pick up very beneficial vibratory energy from the plants and flora around us. I often refer to specific trees as “hugging trees”, and this is exactly what I’m talking about. These large, gnarly and often majestic trees, emit a special energy that I can relate to. If you are in tune with anything in nature, whether trees, flowers, plants and even rocks, you can understand what I’m talking about. If you can’t, then you might think I’m a fool, however, with a little outdoor meditative practice you, too, can begin to feel the nature energy around you.

I began writing this while I was watering a beautiful bouquet of flowers that a client had given to me. I would think that a cut bouquet wouldn’t have the ability to communicate Clairsentiently (through psychic feeling or sensing). Oh boy, was I wrong! I was walking past my office and felt a familiar pull. This might be a little out there for you, but the pull was actually from the flowers that were in my office. Did they need water? No. Did they need attention in anyway? Obviously so, and I intuitively knew that they needed to be placed in the sunlight. How this makes a difference to a cut flower I don’t know.

If you’re not too sure about communication with our flora and fauna, the idea of garden gnomes and fairies, elves, sprites and sylphs may be a bit more than what you can fathom. I know they were for me, too, when I first began developing psychically and spiritually. While this isn’t a post regarding the angelic realm regarding nature, I feel this is a good place to insert a little information. These little beings are angelic, but on the lower end of the spectrum, mainly to aid the earth and water systems. They help cleanse, purify and build natures habitats perfectly. So, if you’re like me and don’t have a green thumb, you may want to ask the little heavenly helpers for assistance in communicating with the nature realm, but also to open you up to the possibility.

Now, let’s get back to talking to plants. When you water and feed your indoor or outdoor plants, do you do so on a scheduled basis or when you are feeling the pull to do so? If the latter is the case then you are in tune with your plants. You know when it’s time to water and when it’s time to feed. You know when to nurture and you know when to harvest. You will be on the plants schedule instead of your own. It’s much like us – only eating when we are hungry instead of eating by the clock. Taking in sustenance when it’s necessary and not when it isn’t.

So what does this have to do with the cut flowers in my office? First of all, I was surprised that they were still living because I’m not the greatest person with plants, I sadly have to admit. I’m often in my own little world. Second, I was simply surprised that they were able to communicate after they were cut. Obviously, there’s something to learn every day! Normally I would have simply watered them from the tap, but today I intuitively felt that they needed the filtered water that comes from my refrigerator. Now, if you are a plant person you might be saying that this would been a no-brainer. However, for us who are in “la-la” land much of the time, running on intuition would seem beneficial.

So far these cut flowers have lasted a full week and are just as beautiful now as when I receive them. Maybe with a little love and attention I can get them to remain beautiful for weeks to come?

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Experiencing paranormal and spiritual phenomenon for more than five decades, Lisa began seeing spirit at the young age of four years. Around the age of six Lisa knew there was more to this world than what we see in the here and now. Information was imparted to Lisa about living multiple lifetimes and thus began her deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, reincarnation, and the possibility of communication with those in-between lives.

Today, Lisa’s communication with departed loved ones and ancestors have touched thousands of people worldwide. Lisa is a Survival Evidence Medium, meaning she is able to bridge the gap between that of the living and the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages and proven facts.

Lisa has written countless articles, which have been featured on websites, in print magazines, and her own personal blog. Her first book, The Lessons Of Jesus Christ, was published in 2013. Her book, The Visible Energy Around Us: A 4 Week Guide To Reading the Aura is a self-study class you can take at your own pace. Two more books are in the works; From His Lips: 365 Daily Devotions From Jesus Christ and Tracking; Following Your Loved One’s Passage To Heaven . She has made appearances on television and radio and co-hosted on CBS and Blog Talk Radio. Lisa teaches spiritual development classes and holds public Spirit Galleries nationwide.

Lisa has presented at a multitude of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Consciousness events. Her sense of humor as well as her vast knowledge of the subject matter make her an internationally sought after speaker, presenter and instructor.

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Lisa is continuously updating her skills in the fields of Mediumship, Spiritual and Personal Development, Metaphysics, and Parapsychic Science. She is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona.